Friday, April 01, 2005

Boo hoo

i didn't get mark's sweater done in time. he's ok with it, though. since it's so late in the year, he prolly wont' get the opportunity to wear it until next fall anyway. but still, i would have liked to have gotten it done for his birthday.

the contest is still on folks. so far only one entry. come on, don't you want the lovely book? (pokes all the lurkers in the audience)

My honey turned 41 today. i am so glad i have him. he has been my salvation through all the problems in the last 2 years, i don't know what i'd do without him. i'm about to do the one diamond commercial, so hold your ears.


Court was postponed yet again. sigh. i spoke at length to both the county attorney, and the guardian ad litem, and they are both so furious with Health and Human Services in Douglas county (where i live). my caseworker is worse than an idiot, she's incompetent, at least according to them. she claims she did not know that the hearing was coming up, and thus did not have a caseplan written, and hadn't gotten any information from any of the therapists involved, or the CTA or anything. the CA met with her supervisor, her supervisor's supervisor, and two attorney's for Douglas County HHS, and reamed them a good one. of course, it took a threat of suit to get them to even admit that a mistake had been maken. a huge one, as far as i'm concerned. my case has been neglected for over a year. we've had continuance upon continuance upon continuance (i count 7 so far) since July of LAST YEAR, people, and of all of them, only one has not been because HHS couldn't get their shit together. i even spoke to the supervisor tuesday, and i told him i felt that because we weren't a crisis case, we could be shoved to the back burner. do you know how many meetings were missed by either caseworker i've had since my case was transferred to douglas county in april of last year? 9, that i can think of. i'd have to sit down and write them all down, but they've got a heinous track record. mark wants to call the local television station about it. i'm calling an attorney. i'm seriously thinking about sueing HHS. we'll see what an attorney can tell me. meanwhile, my little boy suffers once again. excuse me, i need a tissue.

Liam showed me his papers from school today, and his lowest grade was 100%. you ask, how can he get more? extra credit, silly! i asked him flat out, ok, you've showed me the ability, now explain last quarter. he said he didn't know, but at least he's got it going again.

ok, rant over. sigh. my birthday is tomorrow, but i don't know what we're doing, right now. mark said his folks were gonna call after dinner tomorrow night, so we'll see.

You might be a redneck if you constantly call the feed and seed store to see if the cat has had her kittens yet.

Pattern of the Day: Soft Cable. this would make a nice afghan, i think, even though they recommended it for a garment.

Have a good day.


vi said...

happy birthday, am I late?
listen kid....
I had the lawsuit from hell once
( oops excuse me it was not a lawsuit it was an order to show cause.....)
lasted 7 years......
I feel so sorry for you I really do
I went out of my mind during that time

dragon knitter said...

nope, you weren't late for his birthday, or mine, vi. thank you for your sympathy, as well.