Wednesday, April 20, 2005

short and sweet

i will comment on the whole papal thing, since so many people are. i am not catholic. i'm not even truly christian. but, this is something that impacts the entire world, catholic, christian, muslim, buddhist, what have you. i have my doubts about this man. after all he is a man. i fear he may reverse many things JPII put into place, in the name of conservatism. i hear his nickname is the hammer. good grief! many people on the news said they were disappointed that the new pope was not elected from africa, latin america, or asia. let's get real, folks. this is a staunchly conservative group. it was amazing for JPII to be elected, as he was the first non-italian pope in 500 years! i'm surprised they went for a non-italian. granted, he's still european, but he's not father guido either. i will watch.

i got tons done on Le Bag II. i'm up to 17 inches, and i need 28 before i hit the eyelash stage. i modified it a tiny bit, because the original Le Bag had a wide mouth look to it. so the first 4 rows and the last 4 rows will be 4 stitches smaller than the body of the bag. i still ahve to felt my swatch, sigh. no time tonight.

ok, mark, the nag, will be happy. i got row #2 sewn, and am over half way through row #3. god i hate sewing squares.

i'm tired. mark overslept this morning (too much coca cola last night while he had liam, he should have stuck with water) and i was worried so i ran over there, and woke him up at 5:10. he called off work. i tried to get pre-VTO but no doing. dang. and i was unable to go back to sleep afterward, and since i had to get up earlier because i had therapy, i had no shot at nappage. then steph texted me at 9:45 in panic. her car was smoking. we figured that out, but now there's something else wrong. mark think's the coil is bad. so, steph gets my van tomorrow (oh god) and i'm getting up early to take mark to work. at 530. lord help me.

4-18-2005 You might be a redneck if you've ever taken reading material into an airplane restroom.

4-19-2005 You might be a redneck if you clean your garage and realize that you didnt' sell your motorcycle.

Pattern of the Day: Bead Stitch Anklets Cont'. need i say more? from now on, if a pattern is continued, i'm not going to post one that day. this is eating up too much of my sleeping time as it is, but i've got you, my devoted fans, to attend to. (fetches a mop for the sarcasm before someone slips in it)

Pattern of the Day: Scotty Maloney Fine Merino Doll Sweater. this is sized for dolls a bit bigger than barbie, with barbie sizes in parentheses. good god! micro knitting, indeed! not even gonna.

Have a good day!


vi said...

gees here I thought you hated me
you do love me after all

TitaniumRose said...

What? No word of the chicken hats? Don't you love the chicken hats anymore? ;)