Monday, April 11, 2005

this stinks (rant alert)

my caseworker called tonight (on a sunday!) and said she wanted to do another home visit because the county attorney wanted her to. so she's going to interrupt a visit with sean to do it. normally we try to stay relatively close to his foster home, so we can do maximize visit time, and keep travel time to a minimum. for those of you who know omaha at all, i'm in florence, and she's just east of 680 on blondo. for those of you who don't, it's a 20 minute drive. and she INSISTS that we have to do the visit at home, so she can come see my son. i don't think she's been to the foster home but once since he moved there in january. sigh. she's so annoying. i told her that the only time i had available was thursday, and she said no, that was too late, she didn't want to wait, and we could work our visit around her. bitch. this is my child's and my time, and she wants to fuck with it. pardon the language, but i'm sick of her messing with my finely tuned schedule. mark and i missed date night because she insisted on doing a home visit that night, and didn't bother to show up til 630. since mark goes to bed at 8, we got all of about an hour together. and now she wants to screw with my visit with sean. i'm calling the county attorney tomorrow and verifying this. i also want her to know she's messing with my visitation schedule to do this. growl.

ok, rant over.

have a good day anyway.

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