Thursday, April 14, 2005

yes, gang, i am indeed mad

i didn't get a lot done on mark's sweater, mostly because i kept trying to fall asleep at work. that, and i think i'm unintentionally slowing down, because this is the final sleeve, and i've actually enjoyed working with this woolease. i may buy some more in the same color, and make matching sweaters for the boys. now wouldn't that be cool!

i've begun swatching Rogue for stephanie. she was bitching monday about all the stuff i "promise" to make, and never get to. she's thinking of the afghan i started 5 years ago. i tried to renew my interest in that last summer, but i kept finding holes in it (it sat behind the recliner in the house in blair for a long time, and i think something got into it), so i may just pitch it, and start over. i dunno.

Jimi has taken to lying on any WIP i leave on the floor. i really need to sit down and make that cat his own blankie. i think i'll keep it under the computer desk. he likes to lie there where the heating vent blows.

another note to the madness, brenda (sean's foster mom)asked me if i would make her a crocheted tank top, if she paid me. i quoted her the usual 3X material cost, but i dont know. this is going to be a self-design, and she's got certain things in mind. could be interesting, but definitely a challenge. i'll see what i can find for nice cotton on elann, since knitpicks doens't do cotton yet. the sonata i bought for steph's poncho is nice, and i may use that to swatch, to decide how much i need. if worse comes to worse, i can always use the leftovers for something else.

i've got to get some sleep. that's why i didn't blog last night, just too bloody tired. i tried to fall asleep most of today at work, and the knitting isn't keeping me awake enough. argh.

Dennis is no longer our CTA. with the IFP in place, the one girl would be duplicating services, so Dennis is by the wayside for now. if elaine feels sean still needs cta services after ifp is done ( in 14 weeks, oy!), then they'll start up again. mark doesn't want dennis back, he thinks he's pompous. brenda thinks he's a drama queen. sean says he misses him, but i've heard he doesn't like him. i dunno. i was ambivalent, myself.

we still haven't told the boys about john relinquishing his parental rights. elaine wants to wait until after sean's home, so that sean doesn't see it as one more rejection. liam is going to be released from individual therapy at the end of the month, which will help scads with timing. family therapy will move to tuesday after sean's therapy. mark has said he'd be willing to pick up both kids so they can be fed by the time we go. that would be so nice.

sean's teacher called me today with the IEP (individual education plan, vi) for sean for the rest of the school year. i mentioned to her that i would like her to meet with the new resource teacher at OPS (omaha public schools) so that when sean starts here in the fall, they'll know what they're getting.

ok, 2for1 special on redneck and pattern

yesterday- you might be a redneck if your mudflaps were declared obscene in 23 states.

today- you might be a redneck if you've ever watched the Daytona 500 naked (ew!)

Pattern of Yesterday: Kete Bag. i like the style on this, but who knows.

Pattern of the Day: Oh So Vogue! Iceland Scarf. this one apparently rises up a tad bit above garter stitch. it's 2x2 ribbing with some funky fringe with beads. kinda cute, but not my cuppa.

what i'm reading:
Ultimate Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Ruby Ann's Down Home Trailer Park Cooking (this is an actual cookbook, but it's funny as hell, as well)
Fiery Cross
The Siren Queen
(yes, stephanie, i finished your book this morning, magnificent, woman, magnificent!)

Have a nice day!


Kary said...

Oohhh! Good luck on the Rogue! It is on my 'list' for the fall! WhEEE!

TitaniumRose said...

Contest thing - I'd say go with #1, should be the least amount of competition with the other colors you've got going.