Sunday, April 24, 2005


i've been a bum. i've been too tired to blog, that's for sure. running on empty, indeed.

i've gotten Le Bag II almost done. i'm making the i-cord right now, and then will stitch the bag up and toss them in the wash. this bag i'm lining, as i want to sell this, and i don't want customers' keys getting caught in the fuzz.

mark's sweater has ground to a halt, for now. i've got too many fish to fry.

i made a pair of charity slippers for Father's House International. they do stuff for ukranian orphanages. i'm going to start another pair after i finish Le Bag II.

i bought 5 (and yes, that's not a typo) knitting magazines today. i found inknitters, which i'd missed the winter one. i may actually subscribe to this one. i also bought Interweave Knits, Knit'n'Style, Knitting (a brit mag, that i like, but can't afford the sub for), and vogue knitting. very prosperous mag day. i'll be reading for days !

i'm on row 4 of stitching blocks together. hope that makes mark happy

well, we finally did it. sean is home for good. the funny thing is, is he already misses brenda, his foster mom. he was crying for her last night, so i let him call her. she talked to him for 5 minutes, and then he went to bed. he was ok after that.

i went to the dentist today, and i'll tell you, my mouth still hurts. it started hurting before the dentist was done with the filling, because he rinsed my mouth with cold water, and that side hurt! ouchie! my jaw aches too, prolly from the injections. the really bad news is my mom has major problems, and i will ahve to take time off from work to take her to some appointments. they're talking dentures, and a periodontist visit. blech. more running during the week. why can't these people be open on saturday?

sean broke his glasses AGAIN. this is the 3rd pair in less than a year. medicaid has got to be sick of doing that. and he left his book there. thank goodness, when i called, they'd found it, and said they'd hang onto it til mark takes sean to pick up his glasses on monday.

mark was mad at me because i begged off tonight. i'm just worn out. i ran all frigging day, between finding an ASL book for the kids, taking sean to the eye doctor, dropping steph off at a friends (we're working on her car), going to string of purls for package enhancement for natalie (you're just gonna have to wait til i mail it, lol). i also bought some needles for me. like i need more needles, lol. ah well. i love that store. they all complimented my poncho, even though it's just homespun. they were also very helpful in helping me decide what to buy. now i gotta find a pattern to go with it. i also went to walmart, and then shopko for my mom's prescriptions (she has abcessed teeth, blech) and brenda's for sean's stuff. oy, i'm surprised i'm not asleep yet!

now for the calendar i'm so behind on.

4-20-2005 You might be a redneck if your snoring interferes with television reception.
4-21-2005 You might be a redneck if you bum cigarettes from your preacher.
4-22-2005 You might be a redneck if getting your car inspected means paying a bribe.
4-23-24-2005 you might be a redneck if your hair stylist also cuts your grass. (goodness!)

pattern of the day:
4-21-2005 Little Leaf Lace Scarf. very pretty. tempting for the laceweight merino.
4-22-24-2005 Colorfully Cool Cardigan. looks like simple intarsia. kinda neat.

have a good day!

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