Monday, April 25, 2005

2 days in a row, woohoo!

ok, where's the mop for the sarcasm dripping around here?

cast on for the second pair of charity slippers right after i finished Le Bag II. it sits dripping on my exercise bike (i knew i'd find a use for that thing) as we speak. i gotta figure something out. the opening stretched again! and this one is much taller than the first. wonder if i screwed up, and 34" was the original total length, and not just the body length. ah well, it's still cute. i need to defuzz it though. apparently spruce lamb's pride really sheds. i need to flip it around, so the flap doesn't dry permanently cocked like it is. i'll post pics tomorrow, i promise.

i found a garter hooded sweater in InKnitters that looks easy as cake, that i may just make for Father's house, if i can knit that fast. we'll see.

it's so nice to have my baby sleeping in his bed on a school night. i know it will be crazy in the morning, but i'm ok with that. i'm just getting them up extra early (630, god), so we can leave by 7. since sean goes to school at hillside,which is on 75th & western for those familiar with omaha, and i live on 29th just south of state street (think almost I680), i'll have a 15 minute drive just to get him to school. i know i'm probably leaving way early, but i wanna get the timing down on this. we may be able to leave as late as 715 with any luck.

dinner was fabulous tonight. mark wanted pork chops for the grill, and no frills had thick cut pork chops (at least 1", maybe 1 1/4") on sale for $2.17! that's per pound! titanium rose, if you eat pork, hie thee to a no frills! so we bbqed them on the grill, with corn on the cob, and apples with cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter. we also had mashed cheddar potatoes with bacon. mmmmmmmmm i can hear my arteries hardening as we speak, and they're in bliss about it!

liam finally finished mowing the lawn today. we figured out the cable was stretched, so the safety lever wouldn't always activate. so if it dies, we have to pry the lever with a screwdriver. mark thinks the cable either needs to be shortened, lubricated, or replaced. we'll see. i'm just glad my lawn no longer looks like a candidate for sheep grazing (not that i wouldn't mind a sheep or two, lol)

i have to drive steph's migraine inducing car again. mark wants to work on it tomorrow, and we can't wait for steph to get home, since she works until 6 on mondays. oy.

What i'm reading now.

Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe
A God in Ruins by Leon Uris (of Battlecry and Trinity fame)
Whatever knitting mags i haven't finished yet from the pile i bought saturday.

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