Friday, April 15, 2005

tick, tick, tick

i don't know if that's the clock ticking because i'm up too late again, or liam ticking like a bomb. he got busted and won't admit it. mark called his teacher today and she told him that liam had a 0 because he didn't turn a paper in. we have no idea which one it was, and liam won't admit to it. she also said she'd attach a note to liam's planner, and all i found was torn pages. he swears there was no note, but i don't buy it. mark will call her tomorrow, and we'll see. he's teetering on losing mutual, and i may make him stay home from the baseball game field trip if i don't get some true confessions really soon.

mark and i had date night tonight, and we made the yummiest kebobs. shrimp and sirloin, with apples dusted with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, and redpeppers. the shrimp was a tad bit overdone, so we'll probably precook the steak next time, but it was fantastic. i had two 12 inch skewers full, and some pesto cream sauce pasta, and i'm still stuffed. wow, we can really cook together.

I got to the final increase on mark's sleeve, and then got sent to mail. i was in there for the rest of the day, sigh. i'm still working on the rogue swatch, now i'm doing the back and forth, to see how it works. i'm using a size 5 needle, which is a step down from the 10's i'm using for mark's sweater. i think it will be gorgeous, though. (small edit, i just measured my swatch, and my guage is dead on in 5 needles. i'm gonna cast on this weekend i think)

i'm going to try to find my slipper pattern from the girls' slippers, cuz that would make a good pattern for the AC4C father house project. it's double stranded, and quick as the wind. i'll do it right though, and make the toe seed stitch, instead of stocking. i only did the stocking so i could embroider the toes. hey, there's a thought. i could do the stocking, and embroider toes on them. that would be cute! (only on the girlie ones, i'm sure boys would hate it (teenwise, lol)

steph hates I DO, and swears she will never wear it, even for my wedding. sigh. fine, she's young, she can go without. the rest will have them, iknow sue and sherril would love it.

i did work ont he last square a tiny bit, but not much last night. too tired, and too into swatching, lol.

You might be a redneck if your dog has been blacklisted by the groomer.

Pattern of the Day: Hills Water Bottle Bag. this is cute, but it's in hemp, and that's kinda pricey for a bottle bag. i might see if i can do an adaptation in cotton. we'll see

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