Tuesday, April 05, 2005

i don't want it any more, take it out

PMS alert, for those squeamish ones. skip to the red title if you don't want to read this part.

i'm 39, and i'm not having any more babies. i don't want this shit any more. it makes me tired, and grumpy, and not worth a shit. maybe i'll talk to the doctor. he'll prolly tell me no, sigh.

ok, you can read again!

i finished the first sleeve to mark's sweater, and i'm a tad bit concerned. i knit it as long as i thought i needed to add, and instead of 34" of sleeve, i've got 36". i got guage with my swatch, and i've checked gauge periodically, and it's right, but with the shaping, iv'e got an extra 2 inches. i'll pull out the front and back and double check, but not tonight, i'm too tired.

steph's new boss is wacked in the head. she scheduled steph to work her first day from 730 - 330 on wednesday, when steph is scheduled to go to school from 8 - 2. steph said she'll work this wednesday, and explain once again to this lady her school schedule.

My first ex-husband's wife called me AGAIN tonight. (be prepared for foul language, this woman really torks me off). due to a snafu by the state, he ended up paying child support even though he had both girls in his physical custody for a year and a half. since the state isn't going to cough up the money, i get to. i've already paid him $1500, about 3 months ago. now, he decides to break the law about 2 months ago, and has been languishing in jail. he's due out the middle of this month. however, his stupid lazy, bitch of a wife (she won't work) has started calling me asking me for money because the rent is overdue, and she doesn't have the money. i don't owe the money to her, i owe it to him, and i'm not going to give it to her. if that's his choice, he can do so, but i'm not doing it for him. there's also the small problem that she never gave me her new address after they moved, so i don't know where to send it. i have alternative addresses that would get it there, but i'm not doing it. she can just fucking well wait until he gets his happy ass out of jail. i waited 7 years to start receiving child support, she can wait 2 more weeks (and it's not even that at this point, as far as i know). she told me tonight if i didn't send her any money, she'd go to a lawyer. go ahead, bitch, spend money you don't have. i'm not biting. they'll have to get a court order to make me pay her before he's out. in fact, i'm so mad, i got caller id put on my cell phone (i have an unpublished home number, so she can't call that, lol) so i can just ignore her stinking ass. and she quit her job 3 years ago because she said her fibromyalgia caused her too much disability to work. excuse me. i can think of 3 ladies right off the top of my head who have the same thing, and work(ed) full time, and even some overtime! mark's mom has it, and even had her own alteration business for 13 years, and worked over time every week! not to mention the fact that i know one lady at work who was recently diagnosed with gout, and has high blood pressure, and diabetes, and now has to use a walker to get around, and she STILL goes to work every day she's able. chaps my hide, i'll tell ya. i wanted to chew her out, but i had sean on visit, and we were in barnes and noble. i told her i had to go, because i was with sean on visit. i don't think she bought it, but i'm not putting up with her skanky ass any more. i would like to know what happened to the $1500. probably the ex blew it, like he always does. he can't keep money to save his ass. and you'll notice i'm not saying what he's in jail for. if ya wanna know, leave a comment, and i'll email ya. don't want to open myself up for any kind of lawsuit, although i would tell the truth, according to what i've been told.

ok, rant over. sorry, just a very tender subject.

You might be a redneck if auto salvage yards regard you as competition.

Pattern of the Day: Wendy's Generic Toe-up Sock continued. like i said, i love this pattern, and as soon as i get some of this stuff out of the way, i'm all over socks.

What i'm reading:

Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon
At Knit's End by our very own yarn harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McFee
A Brother's Journey by Richard Pelzer (brother of David Pelzer who wrote A Child Called It)
The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (this has all 5 books in it, and i've wanted to read it for years!)

Have a good day!

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itgirl said...

so, what is the ex in jail for?