Friday, February 25, 2005

i don't wanna work, i just wanna bang on a drum all day

i used to listen to a radio station that would play that every friday morning at 6 am to open the morning show. miss that station, they're now a hip-hop thingie i never listen to.

well, i ripped out the entire bag, knit it in stocking stitch for 7 inches, then ripped it out again. i decided i'd better felt a few swatches before i actually get into the bag, so i don't regret something later. i've only got one skein of lamb's pride, and i don't want to waste it. i will admit, the stuff holds up to frogging well. i also did a sample i-cord swatch, and did 3 different things. the first was LP, and 2 strands of fun fur. the second was LP and one strand of fun fur. the last was just LP. i'm going to felt that one as well, and see how they turn out. some one at KR suggested i test the fun fur to make sure it survives the felting process, so i figured the i-cord would be a good test subject. i'm having a ton of fun with this! and yes, the LP is still shedding, i'm even finding fuzzy bits at work.

found this article at debra's blog and thought it was pretty good. i'm with claudia about the DPN bashing, though. and i don't even have that many sets of wooden dpn's! (two, one size 10 1/2 and one size 2)

Well, since all i had with me was swatching material at work, i ended up starting another square. i didn't finish it though, because the powers that be decided i needed to go work on faxes (the phones were slow) and then i had to open my big mouth and volunteer information. andrew (the traffic head(that means the guy who decides who needs to work where and when)) asked me how many pieces of mail i can do an hour, and i told him 15. i was immediately shuffled off to the main mail room to do MAIL. ugh. i hate doing mail. the constant, continuous writing and typing makes my hands ache like nothing else. i can handle phone orders because i do a lot of different tasks (and knit in the middle of calls and typing too, lol) but this is torture. i'm seriously tempted to ask my doctor if he can give me a note to keep me out of the mail room. sigh.

Mark stayed home from work today too. poor guy is so sick. he crashed on me last night (like i did on him last week) and we just nuggled until it was time for me to go home. when i called him this morning, he'd already called out from work, and was in the process of making some coffee (why coffee when he needed to go back to sleep, i'll never know. i don't understand the whole caffeine addiction, since it has the opposite effect on me). i stopped after i dropped liam off at school and gave him some dayquil, and that helped, but by 430 when i got off, he was miserable again. he didn't want to take more dayquil because he wanted to go to bed early (7 or 730 is early for him, he's usually asleep by 8 unless i'm there). poor guy. however, i'm still going to nag him about that usb cord. i need pics!

Sean is in huge trouble at school. apparently he's been absolutely unbearable since the first court postponement in january. this has been ongoing for 4 weeks. his teacher gave Brenda (his fostermom) an earful when she picked him up from school today, and also left a message. so sean's on restriction again this weekend. i haven't decided what else i'm going to have him do, but i think jimi's box is going to be his permanently at this pace. i just don't know what to do with him. i know he wants to come home, but this behavior is NOT going to aid that. sigh.

Steph is out at the rodeo at the MidAmerica Center in Council Bluffs, drooling over hotties. she's decided cowboys are hot, lol. amazingly, she didn't wear her cowboy hat!

Liam is having a good time at school. the only time i've really had problems with him was last Friday when i was so dreadfully sick, and he refused to walk to school. i was too dizzy to take him. so i called the school and told them he refused to go. i don't know if there were any ramifications from that, so i think i'll call school monday and see. i gave him several consequences, but still think this needs addressed. we'll see.

You might be a redneck if you've re-used a "yard sale" sign more than ten times.

Pattern of the Day: Traditional Dutch Sock. i think what makes these dutch is the heel. will have to give it a shot, i've got about 5 pairs worth of sock yarn, and 1 more on the way, lol.

I'm off to play with hot water, soap, and wool!

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