Sunday, February 27, 2005

this is the sunday post

THIS is Sunday's post, lol.

I have swatchage (is that a word?)! i finally felted my swatches tonight, and after 30 minutes, i achieved felting bliss. and my fun fur survived the felting process with no runs, no drips, no errors. at least it looks like it did, wet. i've got the swatches laying in my dish drainer (no dishes done til they're dry, hear that guys?!) and so far they look great. the interesting part is i think i lost very little width wise, but a ton length wise. i had a nice fabric after 15 minutes (my longest cycle on my washing machine, lol), but i could see through it, so i felted for another 15, and this came out nice and thick, but still supple and pretty. and i was right, lamb's pride sheds like a MOFO! i was swishing around trying to find my swatches in the washer without dipping my hands in hot water (no such luck, i had to get in there twice!) and kept finding long fibers instead, lol. i think it will be pretty, though. my intention is to brush it out after it's dried, and see if it's a product i like. i think i will. (think shishi fur handbag, without the killing) i had planned on doing d-rings and clips for my detachable handle, but was unable to find anything in the size i was looking for in my patience quotient for looking (think $170 groceries in the car), so i switched to a ring and toggle, like you see on the chunky bracelets everybody is making right now. i bought batteries for steph's little camera, and if i can find the usb cord (they are the bane of my existence right now!) i will take pics, and you'll see what i'm sayin', girlfriends!

i had an attack of the guilts, and got out the yarn to start squaring again. i got 3 done before we went over to Mark's parents to make double crust pizza, both german and italian, and have a yummy dinner. sean was great before we ate, but decided to find a knife and try to smuggle it outside afterward. he'd been downstairs, and found a jack knife, and wanted to use it to whittle sticks he'd been finding outside. sigh. he got sat at the kitchen table with no tv and no one to talk to for 15 minutes, plus another half hour in his room when we got home. i can't leave that boy alone with ANYTHING. he's 10 1/2, but acts like he's 4. he's into EVERYTHING. sigh. he's particularly fascinated with sharp objects, like razors, knives, and nail clippers. i have to hide everything in the bathroom. double sigh.

other than that, was a good day. see ya on the flip side!

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