Tuesday, March 01, 2005

the bag is on!

After swatching, and felting, i've started le bag. so far i've got 17 inches knit, and i need 24 plain, at which point i'm going to add in 2 strands of fun fur. i think i'll have to decrease at that point, because the i-cord swatch with the double strands (which turned out much nicer than the single strand) is much thicker, so i'm going to have to decrease at least some. i think i will experiment with that, and maybe decrease by 1/4 to 1/3 stitches. we'll see. i want it to be approximately the same size as the bag body when it's done felting, so it will have to be smaller than the main bag, as the wool by itself felts smaller than with the fun fur. this is kinda fun, trying to figure out the logistics. btw, my swatch disappeared. steph thinks jimi took off with it. if that's the case, why did he leave the i-cord swatch? that one was much more fun. he was even chasing it while i was showing it to steph, to get her uninterested opinion (she gives one tinker's damn less about knitting, unless i'm making something that she has put her approval on, and it's for her).

i've miscounted, and i actually have 66 squares. i think we're going back over there next weekend, so i'm going to have to get it finished by then. of course, i also have to start mark's sweater, because his birthday is in 30 DAYS! (that's by tomorrow, lol).

Sean's fostermom got permission to keep him (he was there on respite) and i'm so thrilled. she even went and bought him some pants. i think she's planning on keeping them after he leaves, (except for one pair that came with a cool skull chain, and a dragon painted on the back) but that's ok, i'm gonna go to american thrift and find him some pants this weekend. he's gained enough weight (thank god for respidol, no 10 year old should weigh 70 pounds and be as tall as he is) that he's out of the slims, and into regulars. he's still not husky (and i won't let that happen, he starts getting too pudgy, and it's outside he goes) but he's finally got his round face back. he was frightfully thin for a while. i even asked his previous foster mom to take him to the doctor because he was so thin, and was bruising badly, too. the doctor said it was normal for all the medications he was on (we're hoping to wean him off of some of those once he's home) and as long as he was growing, albeit slowly, he would be alright. i was contemplating ensure, he was so thin (and not eating).

You might be a redneck if the seats on your porch used to be seats in your car.

Pattern of the Day: Slip Stitch Rib. i kinda like it when they just do a texture stitch, as opposed to a whole pattern. this would be emminently adaptable for many things, i.e. sweaters, hats, ponchos, afghans, etc. and i like this one.

What I'm Reading
A Suitable Bodyguard by Kathryn Shay. (harlequins rock, lol)
The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks
steph talked me into buying these. she wanted me to buy them at borders, but new, even in paperback was $30 (for this, road to rodanthe, and the rescue) but on amazon, slightly used, they were only $18 WITH shipping. amazon rocks. granted the rescue was a tad bit worn, but what do i care, i've haunted used bookstores for years, what's a little bent cover as long as the book is readable.

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