Monday, March 14, 2005


This rocks entirely too much! i'm having too much fun! just wait for what you're gonna see in this blog, now! now i have to learn how to do multiple pics, and how to add to a post, and title it without screwing up the pic, cuz i've done that once tonight already, lol. Mark and I went online to and looked through all their cameras before we came to a decision. essentially this is my camera, but i wanted help, and he knows so much about digital stuff, and he knows i'll take pictures for the band as well (if joe's(the drummer) girl isn't videoing, lol). it's a Nikon Coolpix 5600, and i got a memory card to go with it, and that bloody thing holds 195 pics! goodness, i could photo-ize all day! (is that a word? if not, oh well, i'm creative in other ways as well!) by the way, the picture of me is in my daughter's room. she's such a pig! of course, the rest of the house is clean, when she puts her mind to it. just not that room. sigh!

Gimme time, the contest is now on again! I've been enjoying this entirely too much, and i'm muddling my way through it without reading the book, lol. i'll figure out the (k)nitty gritty later. (every pun intended, since a lot of this is going to be knitting/crafting/crocheting pics. maybe even a few candid shots of my loved ones as well, lol.)

I turned in my felted bag today. i'm so nervous! the lady who took it asked me how i got it so "furry" and i told her LP, because of the mohair content, tends to get that soft fur look to it. she was duly impressed. i'm duly nervous! i won't be there on Thursday night, as we're having corned beef and cabbage at home, and Sean's coming, too!

Brenda was thrilled when she found out i wanted Sean Thursday instead of Monday this week. I'm about 2/3 irish, and since the boys' father was largely irish, too, that makes them very irish. with names like Liam and Sean Patrick, i would say so, lol.

Liam is accepting his consequences with quite a bit of grace, once he got over being mad about it. he and sean went with dennis today, and dennis has set up a competition between them. he's got a treasure box going, and he's told them if they both get their GPA's above 2 (which is a c average) they would each get a toy from the box. whoever got the highest GPA would get 2 prizes. just what we need, more kid's meal type toys. it's a good thing though, maybe it will get Liam and Sean both off their duffs.

I think i may have found a new incentive for sean to complete his homework, as well, if the school/his teacher goes for it. Mark and sean were talking chemistry for 45 minutes this evening, before i took sean back, and sean was articulate, and understood EVERYTHING mark tossed at him. this kid is amazing! he plays a lot of Rachet and Clank, and one suit of armor rachet has is made of "adamantium." sean wants to invent adamantium. and he's already got a few ideas, involving titanium, and steel, and chromium, and i don't remember what else. i was following what they were saying (i'm not an idiot, i just didn't take chemistry in high school because i hated math), but my god, some of the leaps of logic this kid goes through, and he's 10 1/2!!!!!! so here's my thought. see if the teacher can find someone to teach him chemistry at school, but only if he finishes his assignments. he could even potentially do a webquest, with supervision of course. imagine the possibilities!
more pics later!

Have a nice day!

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