Thursday, March 10, 2005


evil blogspot ate my post.

i got about 9 inches done on mark's sweater and am through the first skein. i'm not bothering measuring until i'm through the second skein because the body before shaping is going to be 22"! (the suffering of a woman with a 6'8" fiance). and i'm officially pissed at lion brand. who in their right mind ties a knot 20 feet into a center pull skein? need i say more? and i realized that i need to start working on the bag again, it's due on the 15th (and i will have to turn it in sunday because i can't be there on the 15th) and i have a ton of icord to start and finish. ish.

Herrschnerr's is officially on my shit list. i bought simple socks through their flash auctions site, and got a order confirmation that day (saturday). sunday i got an email saying my order had been processed. today i get a letter stating that the book is on back order. who in their right minds would offer a book for auction if they didnt' have it in stock?!?!?!?!?!?

We didnt' have therapy tonight, so we had tacos at mark's house. i think steph is finally deciding that maybe she needs to be a part of the family. mark told me that his aunt wanda had asked how many of us were coming out to portland (oregon) for the family reunion in july, and he asked steph if she wanted to go. she said sure. this surprised both of us, since she'd been complaining about wanting to take her vacation some where else a couple of months ago.

She also lost her phone. apparently alltell screwed her over, and even though the guy who sold her the phone told her she'd get a double bill in march, she got a bill with overages in february. she called them and told them what she'd been told by the salesman, and they said they'd remove the overages, but that the bill was still due on feb 21. they shut the phone off yesterday. sigh. i'm not paying it. no matter what.

Liam is on my shit list as well. i would like to know what school in their right mind would take pictures of kids unannounced (liam was wearing a crappy sweatshirt that was too small for him that day, and his hair was wild), and then send the pictures home to be paid for at that time? liam now owes me $39. he gave away 2 pictures at school, not reading the warning on the back of the envelope that says "wait until you get home to share these with your family." i wasn't even sure i would have kept any of them because of the crappy sweatshirt, but he gave some way already, so i had to keep them! he'd had a decent picture in the fall at his last school, so i wouldn't have been worried about it. lifetouch is dirtbags in my book! sigh.

You might be a redneck if you cried the day your son tapped his first keg.

Pattern of the Day: Cuff to Cuff Jacket. this one has real potential, and i'm seriously tempted. maybe i'll make it out of all my handspun yarn that i seem to have tons of but don't do much with. that would be fun!

have a good day (and let's hope blogspot doesn't eat this post as well.)

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