Monday, March 07, 2005

all projects move aside, please

I've got a new project. many of you read Knitter's Review and already know what i'm planning, but for those of you who don't, here goes. Steph as a very good friend that moved to Hastings, Nebraska about 6 months ago. this is about 180 miles from here in Omaha. she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease about a month ago. i've decided to make the hat from the Knitty surprise issue of last fall (the one dedicated to breast cancer). appropriately or not, it's going to be powder puff pink in Rowan Calmer. everything is getting dropped as soon as the yarn arrives. steph says jenny hasn't lost her hair yet, but she's very tired. considering nebraska's crazy weather (it was 70 today, and thunderstorming south of us right now, but plan on snow shovels and heavy gear tuesday), she's gonna need something to regulate her body temperature. this kid has been good to my daughter, and she's had a lot of tough breaks in her life (partially why she moved to hastings) and i want to do something for the poor kid. nobody deserves to have their life threatened like this at such a young age (she's 17). steph's been out there twice since the diagnosis, and plans to go again soon. here's hoping the yarn gets here soon, and i can get the hat done in short notice.

Sean went with his CTA to the American Legion (he's a member) for their monthly breakfast buffet. he was very good, according to dennis. he got the grand tour, and had french toast and sunny side up eggs (those scare me, too many people don't get the whites done enough. sean got a talking to about that). dennis told me he was telling sean that he was going to take a nap when he got home, and looked in the back seat, and sean was asleep. that may be in part to a new medication adjustment, which has him taking more seraquel. he still was up in the middle of the night last night, reading. sigh. he also fell asleep driving to brenda's tonight as well. who knows.
Mark had a talk with sean about chewing his fingers and fingernails, so hopefully it got through to him. the boys are responding more and more to mark, as mark treats them with respect, but is firm, and backs me with everything. "what did your mom say" is heard quite a bit, lol.

What I'm Reading
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. thought i'd reread them all before the half-blood prince comes out.

hope you enjoyed your weekend, i did!

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