Tuesday, March 15, 2005

GASP!!! (am i a bit melodramatic?)

I RAN OUT OF YARN AT WORK! it's not as big a tragedy as it could be, because i got VTO (Voluntary Time Off) at 1:30, so was able to get more, when i finally got home. i am tons farther on mark's sweater. look at the pic! i'm into the shaping! (that's the back). and isn't jimi adorable? he looked down just as i snapped the pic, the little turd.

as a result of running out of sweater yarn, i resorted to starting another square for mom's afghan. i know i need to finish it, but i'm so sick of the bloody thing, and even contemplating the contest isn't helping any! sigh.

Round 3 of liam and school happened today. since i got off early, i was actually able to call his teacher on her break, and discovered that the biggest reason why liam is failing is because he flat out refuses to do the work. he's kept in from every recess. and i caught him out in a lie today. he told me he was being kept in from recess because i wasn't signing his assignment book, but then, later, when i put a note in it for his teacher, he said no one would see it. i asked him which was it? he said the TEACHER doesnt' see it, just her "assistant." i told him i was sure that if the "assistant" saw the note, he/she would pass it on to his teacher. little shit is in deeper and deeper. sigh

You might be a redneck if Bass Pro Shop is forced to garnish your paycheck (that's my first ex-husband!)

Pattern of The Day: Quick Knit Throw. interesting pattern, i can see using this on a sweater as well.

Have a good day!

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