Thursday, March 03, 2005

sweater hunt

i swatched, and started mark's sweater today. i got the bottom ribbing and about 1 inch of main pattern done. it's garter ribbing, so amazingly easy, and the wool ease thick and chunky is beautiful to work with. i was really surprised. of course, i'm not sure about the measurements, beyond the fact that from shoulder seam to wrist on him is 28 1/2 inches long. egads. i'm going to measure him tomorrow night for sure. the large on this pattern is 52 inches around the chest, and i cannot imagine that he's bigger than that. yeah, he's big, but good god, 52 inches? the bag is temporarily on hold, but i'll work on it this weekend. i plan to try to finish it this weekend, and turn it in next weekend. let's cross our fingers!

i'm not going to mention crochet unless i do some, or plan some , lol.

We started real family therapy tonight. we also met sean's CTA tonight, as well. and of course, the first thing out of his mouth was he'd talked to brenda (sean's foster mom) and that he found out sean was really smart. mark wasn't too happy with that, but i told mark it's a fact of life with this boy. he is INCREDIBLY intelligent, and he knows it. he tells everyone his IQ (i don't know who told him, but he knows, and it's accurate (he was tested about 6 months ago). the big problem is (as both my and the boys' therapist put it) intellectually, he's 17, chronologically he's 10 1/2, and socially and emotionally he's 4. we're trying to at least bring the social and emotional up to chronological. then the intelligence will be easier to deal with. btw, for those who don't know, CTA stands for Community Therapy Assistant. he'll be coming on weekends, and will pick up sean from school on weekdays, to work with him, as elaine (sean's therapist) directs him. sean already likes him. he beat him at checkers, then sean showed him a game he'd invented, that was quite tough. kid amazes me some times.

You might be a redneck if you've ever dreamt about tires.

Pattern of the Day: Rufus the Leprechaun Doll. Frankly, i look at this thing, and i think this would truly frighten a child. i know a lot of people are afraid of clowns, and this has distinct clownlike features. (shudder) again, no offense to the designer. this would be one for stitchy's gallery/museum.

have a good day, i'm off and running again tomorrow, sigh. Parent Teacher conference with Sean's teacher, and it's not just gonna be parent and teacher. the child connect caseworker will be there (sean is in agency based foster care),principal,teacher's supervisor, class room teacher (he's in resource, so he actually has two teachers) secretary (i think, she's the one who calls me when sean's in trouble) and counselor. enough to play baseball! good god!

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