Tuesday, March 22, 2005

unnecessary comment

ok, gang, i'm doing this for fun, and i would hope you guys would have fun with it as well. however, i do not appreciate comments from people who want to promote their agendas, such as the one i just deleted from my le bag post. if you want to say something, email me. i don't hide my email, and i don't appreciate comments like the one i found. please, gang, keep it to the posts i've made on my blog, and not to comments i have made on other blogs (i'm pretty sure that's where this came from, sigh.)

ok, back to your regularly scheduled blog.

1 comment:

vi said...

but darlink..... WHERE else will I be able to make smart ass remarks to thou???
ps: I am thinking of knitting a sweater for my fat body next.... want to cut the sails for it?