Thursday, March 24, 2005


i know, an unoriginal title, but i'm hard pressed tonight.

I got some done on mark's sweater, but not a ton. i got pulled to a special project just before lunch.

The charity sweater is done. now i gotta come up with booties and a hat. i think i have just enough yellow left to make a coordinating edge on them, prolly in picot.

my caseworker is really getting on my nerves. she wants family therapy to take place in the home, because she "wants the children to help you more in the home. family therapy will help that. stephanie and the boys need to help you more, because you are bringing in the money." imagine this in a thick island accent. the woman is virtually unintelligible at times, sigh. the big problem with that is that the boys therapist and i (and now her clinical psychologist supervisor) agree that it would be futile to do therapy here, because we'd lose sean. sean does terribly in home therapy settings. that's partially why we got rid of the last therapist we had (that and he didn't do any actual "therapy" (don't tell me about kid therapy, i know how that works, and he wasn't doing any of that, either)). sean does best in a clinical setting. so elaine and i worked it out that we're going to do it here every 4-6 weeks, and at the office the rest of the time.

on top of that, she sprang it on me yesterday that she's coming to the house for a home visit TONIGHT. on my date night. mark and i haven't had a lot of us time in the last month or so, due to either him or me being sick, rearranging schedules for appointments for the boys, and general stuff. this was going to be our first night in quite a while, and maybe our last for a while, because the couple's therapy that everybody wants us to do would be scheduled on our date night, since there's no other night open. growl. sometimes i wonder what the point is.

and on top of THAT, the background check they finally ran dug up some dirt on mark that was so old, the people involved aren't even in omaha any more! he had a dwi 15 years ago, and went through the whole treatment, aa, and everything else. 15 years ago people! doesn't she think people change in 15 years? particularly since mark was in his early 20's at the time. he's going to be 41, for god's sake! this compared to my first ex, who STILL is getting in trouble, despite the fact that now he's suppposed to be a good Jehovah's Witness (and anybody who googles them and finds this here, if you are one, go away, i'm disfellowshipped, and want nothing to do with you and your ilk.) oy. get a clue, folks. we just want to be a family.

You might be a redneck if you've ever caught bugs just so you could throw them in the bug zapper. (this is close to my version: you might be a redneck if your idea of exploding snaps is tossing ants in the bug zapper.)

Pattern of the Day: Scoubidou Sweater. it's cute. simple. the big deal, i guess, is the yarn. it's a simple modified drop shoulder sweater, with a roll collar. another one for charity, i guess.

Have a good day.

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