Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Le Bag is a success

i took Le Bag to work to show off, and everybody loved it! in fact, i had several people tell me i should sell them. so, i'm thinking. really hard, i'm thinking. website? craft fair? i've even been brainstorming with an online friend who doesn't have knitting experience, but is married to a knit designer, and he's been giving me suggestions (and his neighbor is a clothing designer, lol!). hmmmmmmm. i'm soooooooooooo tempted. do i dare? i dunno. i could make 3 or 4, and start a website, and if they sell, make more as i post. i could also present examples (color choices, mostly) and let people order. of course cash (paypal, lol) up front! what do you guys think? is Le Bag good enough?

I got about 8 inches done ont he front of mark's sweater. i'll show pics when i get to the neck shaping on it. sigh. i need to remember to grab another ball of yarn before i leave tomorrow, or i'll be sitting on my thumbs!

I've been working on the charity sweater tonight, and i've almost got the second sleeve done. i'll take pics when i get the booties and hat done, so you can see them all before i ship them off this weekend.

Sean had a bad day at school, but did confess to it, without a great deal of prompting. he knows his teacher emails me daily with his behavior of the day. so far it's been one to the good, and one to the bad. sigh.

I'm thinking really hard about signing up for vto tomorrow morning. i've found that it makes therapy night MUCH easier if i don't have to run like a scared rabbit trying to get everyone where they need to be. and i get more knitting time in.

steph had an interview today with the daycare her friend Shae works at. steph thinks she has a good shot, because she "came highly recommended" and the fact that she sucked up big time and helped out with no pay afterward because they were so short handed. hope it works. she won't find out until next thursday, though, just in time for me to find out if she can babysit liam or not on his spring break. we'll see. i asked mommy if she could babysit liam and she said yes, just let her know when.

You might be a redneck if you have to save your allowance to pay for your first divorce.

Pattern of the Day: Diamond Lace Bookmark. i'm not much into bookmarks, but may do this for the lace practice.

What i'm reading.

Can't find goblet of fire, so i'm reading
Knitting the Old Way &
Road to Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks (yes steph finally coughed it up)

Have a good day!


cicibug said...

I thought I would be the first to comment. I don't know how to knit, but I do crochet. Also like you I usually have many pots burning and few finished...I get distracted by the possibilities...and wander off to the next project!

Have a good one.

vi said...