Wednesday, March 23, 2005

gotta love those half days

particularly the ones you take off!

finished off ball #4, i think. i'm well up on the front, and now i see tons of time to get it done.

actually worked a tiny bit on the charity sweater, i'm on sleeve #2. will have to figure out what to do for matching hat and booties, though.

Sean's fostercare provider called yesterday and asked if i would be able to keep sean next week, as brenda is going out of town on vacation. i called work and asked if i could have monday through thursday off, and they said no problem! so i cancelled my birthday off :( (cant afford to take THAT much time off), and i'll have tons of time to work on the sweater, and mom's afghan, and the commission i have for another BAG! good golly, i just decide to start a business, and i get a commission already! granted it's a charity (i had already agreed to do something, but she saw the bag and said "that would go wonderfully for the silent auction!" so. . . . . . . . . )

You might be a redneck if your old washingmachine is your new doghouse.

Pattern of the Day: Embroidered Cardigan for American Girl Doll. very cute, i could see doing this for a newborn as well. (i don't have little girls to do doll clothes for, sigh. i'm awaiting grandchildren, dammit.)

Have a good day!

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