Saturday, March 19, 2005

everybody's working for the weekend!

as you can see, i finished the back to mark's sweater. he knows i'm posting it on here, and have asked him not to go looking for it. his words were "it wouldn't be hard to find" but promised he'd not do so. got started on the front, but got limited progress on that, so won't show it.

Sigh. I don't know who to believe. Brenda tells me that dennis told her he thought my hands were too full with liam, and won't recommend sean come home, and then tonight says he doesn't see sean staying at brenda's for much longer. i talked to elaine tonight, and she said she'd see about what it took to get the reports that dennis has already turned in. he says they're turned in and he no longer has access to them. i've been signing his time reports, so i should bloody well have access to those reports. i think those may tell the tale.

Got an email from sean's teacher and it had good news! he followed directions, accepted feedback, and generally had a good day. i'm saving them up to take to court on thursday. i gotta get black ink at walmart tomorrow if i'm going to do that.

mark and i may have to give up part of our date night for couples therapy. the therapist louisa recommended only has monday nights open, so it's looking like sean will get switched to thursdays, and mark and i will go to therapy on mondays. sigh. maybe we'll grab a bite to eat, then go home and enjoy spending time together. i hope so. our next date night isn't until next thursday.

liam is having a screaming fit as we speak, because he's mad because i told him he's not allowed to sleep on the bottom bunk because he insists on sleeping on the floor. he swears it hurts to sleep up there because it's too hot. sigh. i turned down the heat, closed his vent, and opened the bathroom door in the hopes that it would be cool enough, but he's turned it into a power struggle. he's staying up there.

You might be a redneck if the only "push-up" you know about is sold in the ice-cream section.

Pattern of the Day: Anne's Aran Vest (part 2). same as before. amazing how many of these patterns go to 2 days.

and something for your enjoyment

Have a nice day!

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