Tuesday, March 15, 2005

some days you're the windshield, some days your the bug. it's been a bug day

i got a little done on mark's sweater, but not enough to show, since it's just boring garter rib.

sigh. there are days when i swear sean is insane. i picked him up at school today for his doctor's appointment, and he was full-blown on the rest of the time. you'd think he hadn't had any medication all bloody day, the way he was behaving. and of course, he got angry with me when i was telling marty (the nurse practitioner who manages the boys' medication) about his behaviors at school, and told me he didn't love me any more, and that he wish he was adopted, and didn't want to live with me. i told him i didn't believe him, but this was said while he was curled in a ball behind the chair in marty's office. what was supposed to be a quick 20 minute visit turned into an hour, and it was so late i wasn't even able to make new appointments for the boys, because the receptionist had shut down the computer already. kind of crass, to me, but hey, i'm just the consumer. marty also wants to see liam because of his grades. i haven't gotten a return email from liam's teacher yet, so i'm going to wait until tomorrow night. if i don't hear again, i'm going to call wednesday and verify the addy again. sigh. this is frustrating! how can i help my child when his teacher won't respond to my emails, and i can't call her because of my fucking work schedule! sigh.

on top of everything else, i was unable to get to mark's until 7 (it was supposed to be our date night) and it was miserable. i had a migraine from wrestling with sean and his behaviors (he got 4 consequences out of tonight, sheesh), and was just miserable. i ended up crying, and arguing with mark because he wanted supreme pizza, and i just absolutely cannot tolerate green peppers. it didnt have green peppers, but it sounded like it when he read the description, and we ended up in a non-fight over it. i fell asleep on the couch while he was reheating leftovers, and then we cuddled until 9, but i still left in tears. i'm so tired of this bullshit. let my baby come home, it will solve a large number of problems. sigh.

You might be a redneck if your class reunion is a keg party in the woods.

Pattern of the Day: Baby Monkey "Magic" Scarf. another non-pattern where you double strand some exotic expensive eyelash with a worsted weight and do garter stitch for so long, then bind off,a nd voila, pretties. sigh.

hope you have a better day than me.

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