Wednesday, March 02, 2005

brief and to the point

i'm not gonna say much because i'm up waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too late.

I got about 3 inches done on the bag. i had 17 yesterday, but just didn't have the gumption to work on it today. really need to cast on for mark's sweater, sigh. think major things will happen with that this weekend.

no crochet

They've finally assigned a CTA to us, and he's coming on the weekends. ish. elaine (the boys' therapist, and our family therapist) has decided it's time for mark to start coming to family therapy, and we're going to meet the cta tomorrow night. mark's happy. he thinks it's been too long, and it's time to start accepting the fact that we ARE a family, even if we don't live together right now. he loves those boys, and they love him. mark got steph's puter up, so she's working on transfering her files to her puter. i can't wait, my puter will speed up immensely, once she's gotten all her crap off (i've got 32% free space, thanks to her music files!)

A Suitable Bodyguard
The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

finished the wedding, and cried through the last 10 pages. oh my god, weddings kill me. i'm gonna have to wear waterproof everything and carry a box of kleenex in my bouquet for our wedding, i'm sure.

You might be a redneck if the Palmolive you soak your hands in also has dirty dishes in it (i confess!).

Pattern of the Day: Flower Hat. what a sweet hat. one i'd never put on my child (or grandchild, when they come (please, god?)). still, very cute.

Joke to make you puke: What did the good ol' boy say just before his death?






wait for it . . . . . . .

"Hey y'all, watch this!"

(plugs her ears from the massive groans)

have a good day!

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