Wednesday, March 30, 2005


finished the front of mark's sweater, now i'm working on sleeves. goodness me, i hope i can get it done to at least seaming. i can always weave ends later.

i encourage everybody who reads my blog to enter the contest. you can enter all the way up until i say it's done, and then i'll announce the next day the winner.

the corsica is gone! it's been sitting in my driveway taking up space and making me nervous for 6 months. my back yard neighbor's step-son works for u-pull-it and he offered to come get it today. and he gave me$120! woohoo (i just may make that yarn money, lol (prolly not, mark's put money in both steph's vehicles, i'll prolly just give it to him)).

It's pouring today. blech. weather's only good for reading in bed and knitting (which is a good thing!) gimme good time to knit, i hope.

You might be a redneck if you think the theory of relativity has something to do with inbreeding.

Pattern of the Day: Squiggle & Fizz Fern Scarf. this is almost a non pattern as well. only thing that saves it is the fact that you start with 2 stitches, and increase every other row til you have 17, then knit for a while in garter, then decrease every other row down to 2 again, and BO. it's made with Squiggle and Fizz yarns, and they're both a fern colorway. hence the name. simple, eh?

Have a good day!

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