Tuesday, March 08, 2005

good news and bad news

I got a few rows done at work, but not much because, once again, i got stuck in the mail room all bloody day. i didn't even get a lot done in there, because they kept putting us on the phones. nothing irritates me more than to be in the mail room on the phones. it messes up my rhythm, and makes it hard to meet my 15 pieces per hour quota. phone time doesn't count against it, but i hate that. the mail room is noisier.

I got my camera, my software, and my usb. now i can't get the software to recognize that something's on the camera. i think i'm gonna have to go website hunting, and see if they can help.

That was the bad news. the good news is I GOT MY SILK! martheme from KR has her own in home business called Inspirations Yarn and she also keeps fiber for spinning. i had been talking about potentially spinning silk for a shawl for someone's christmas (i can't say who, in case that person runs across my blog), and she said she'd send me an ounce so i could experiment, and decide if i still wanted to do it or not. this, plus a sample of some stuff she'd dyed in a gorgeous colorway (blues and purples, yummy) so i could see how the colors progress. and all this for $6! margaret, you rock!

You might be a redneck if you've ever beaten someone up because they ahd a library card.

Pattern of the Day: Roman Rib Stitch Toe-up Socks. gotta love sock patterns! this one looks like it has potential.

What I'm Reading:
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. J.K. Rowling
The DaVinci Code Illustrated. Dan Brown. I'd seen it when it first came out, and had actually sat down and read it twice at the bookstore. both those times, i was too broke to invest. tonight, i saw it at barnes and noble (which i rarely go to, they usually don't thrill me) and they still had it for 30% off, so in my ditty bag it went, along with the spring Cast Off magazine. very good read, and all the stuff they reference in the book is illustrated, like a picture of venus de milo, when they start talking about her. i'm only on page 56, but i'm loving it tons!

have a good day!

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