Friday, March 11, 2005


or actually, bag. it's finished! now i gotta toss it in the washer, and felt the dickens out of it. everybody at work oohed and aahed at it, and think it's adorable. i had enough LP to go ahead and make a shorter handle so i have two if i want it. i will have to go to Hobby Lobby and find more findings, so i can attach them to the second handle as well. i can't wait!

I also got about 2 inches more done on mark's sweater. i gave in and measured today, and i'm only up to 13 1/2 inches. sigh.

I finally gave Mom the afghan, unfinished. i put all the squares in the bag, and told her i would have to take it back because it wasn't done. and the lovely woman volunteered to help sew them together! i told her no way, this was her BIRTHDAY present, she was NOT going to help. she loved the chicken cutting board, she said she'd been looking for one, and appreciated the sugar-free chocolate, as well (she's hypoglycemic, and can't have any sugar, so i'm always on the hunt for sugar-free goodies).

I finally got an email addy for liam's teacher, and sent her one tonight. filled her in a bit on some background with Liam, and some of the reasons he may be doing so poorly. i also noticed he's not getting all his work done, even though he never brings homework home. sigh.

You might be a redneck if you're making payments on more than one wedding ring. (buying your child's as a wedding gift, maybe? i dunno)

Pattern of the Day: Knit Ensemble. this is a poncho with muff. i'm sorry, but this thing looks so retro 60's and 70's, and their example is white. sheesh.

I finished the Davinci Code this morning. goodness. what interesting ideas. i always thought mary magdalene was more than what they made her out to be. i know, this is fiction, but look at the pictures!

Have a good day, and don't forget my first post for the day!

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