Tuesday, March 08, 2005

time marches on

and so does mark's sweater. i'm back to where i started, yarn wise. i'm steadily working my way through my first skein. on the advice of many people in KR (wow, i refer to those lovely people alot!), i'm just going to elongate the sweater, and leave the raglan shaping alone, and hope for the best. i was looking at the pattern, and realized that i'm going to have to add an additional SIX INCHES to the main body, before i even start the shaping! i haven't checked out the sleeves, but i believe it's going to be much the same thing. glad i bought 13 skeins of the stuff, even though the pattern only called for 10 for a large. he's just so bloody tall!

i ended up on the phones all day (YES!!!) so i wasn't nearly so grumpy. now if only mother nature would cooperate, and not let me hurt in other ways so badly.

we told the boys about jack tonight, and sean reacted exactly as i thought. he cried a little bit, but only because he felt he should. he stuffs all real emotion down, like someone else i know (looking angelic here). liam reacted differently than i expected at first. he took it calmly, and we ended up discussing what sean had brought up in his therapy session. i think he took some thinking to do, because all of a sudden, when we were getting ready to leave, he turned around, hugged me, and burst into tears. poor little guy (who's not so little any more, he can look me in the eye). he cried a good way home. we stopped at mark's for a little bit, and that seemed to cheer him up. i am going to send a note with him for his teacher, so she knows what's going on.

Steph just told me yesterday that her monday-thursday class that's 8-8:50 in the morning is acutally a monday-FRIDAY class! gah! liam is out of school on the 18th (a friday) and the 1st (also a friday, and my BIRTHDAY! (shameless hint, lol)). so i left a message for my caseworker (insert appropriate adjective here) and asked if it was ok with liam's therapist, and if he was comfortable with it, if he could stay home by himself for that hour or so while steph is in class. he is 12 1/2, and should be starting to take care of himself (he is in charge of remembering his medication, i'm just the gentle reminder as we shoot out the door, if he forgets it otherwise). Elaine (the therapist) was cool with it, and when we asked liam, he said he was fine. i think i will be more nervous than him, lol. knowing him, he'll still be asleep when steph gets home. i have no intentions of getting him up before i leave! so the grand experiment begins. it's my hope that when summer comes, that i can leave him home one day a week, so as to give my mom and steph a break (my primary day care providers). i'm also thinking about having him (and sean if he's home by then) go to a regular day care one day a week as well. yes, i pay steph to sit, but she's tryng to cram as much school in as she can, since she missed out on winter quarter. hopefully by then, as well, the therapists will be comfortable enough to allow mark to get the boys after he gets off work as well. mark's attending family therapy now, and it seems to be going well, so cross your fingers.

You might be a redneck if there is a picture of you in your wedding dress, holding a stringer of fish (yeah, right, i was a fishing widow, i don't think so!).

Pattern of the Day: Switch Knitter Scarf. this looks interesting. you knit 2 tails, join them side by side, knit for a while, split them for a small time to create a hole, and then join them again. looks intriguing, and might be a good charity pattern. they show the example in one color, but can you imagine doing it as 2? would be cool!

have a nice day!

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