Sunday, March 20, 2005

Interview, any one?

I posted this over a week ago, and nobody's stepped up! aw come on people, i know somebody's reading this, that's why i put the count meter on. don't be shy!
i am insane. i have tons of stuff i need to finish, and what do i do? i take the Pattern of the Weekend pattern, and proceed to spend 5 hours knitting up a child's cap that i don't think i can even donate, because it's white wool-ease i've had for years. anybody want a white cap for their little girl?
I did get some knitting done on mark's sweater yesterday afternoon. i took the boys to Great Clips for hair cuts (they were both looking extremely shaggy, cuz they want to grow their hair out like mark). i just finished the ribbing on the front, but i'm not going to post it because it looks the same as the back right now, and there's no point in boring you. i will post a pic of the hat (i need to seam it).
and i did retrieve Le Bag, as many of you have seen by the pic i posted yesterday. isn't it darling? i did notice that of the bags that were still there, mine was the smallest. i did get several compliments on it when i went to pick it up. and of course, even though i think the gift certificate i got was a participation award, it's still free yarn! i didn't have time to spend it yesterday, but i'm looking forward to it. the owner told me there were 3 winners, but they had all taken their bags by then :(. she did say next time she would require the items for any contests stay for a week afterward, so everybody could see them. i will most definitely be participating again!
i still haven't figured out how to post a pic with a real title instead of the caption i give it. every time i try to get back into the post, it fries the pic. any ideas?
Mark must have had a really intense rehearsal yesterday because i called 5 times last night, starting at 5:15, and he never answered. he told me this morning that he fell asleep on the couch immediately afterward. sigh. i wouldn't have minded so much if he had called me when he woke up to move to bed. i was up til 1, i was upset. that's why i got the hat done.
I watched CSI last night, and i think i understand the fascination with the show, but i don't think i can gut it on a regular basis. very graphic. i don't really need to see entrails popped out of a body on the pavement, or an exploded chest wound on a dead body. i got queasy, to say the least.
I need to get downstairs and find the easter box. i got the kids some stuff from work, and i need to egg(pack) it up. i also bought a couple of rabbits at walmart yesterday and the boys didn't even notice, lol! (that place is ubiquitous! i spent $195! ouch!) i also got family circle easy knitting (and crochet) and a book for wedding planning. i thought i'd better get started. better to start now than wait til the last minute, for sure. there are times when i wonder if this wedding is ever going to happen. september 2006 seems so far away.
Steph is irritating me. she left her computer on again and she's been gone all weekend, so when i went downstairs to grab the DVD she had in her room, i shut her puter down, and grabbed all the dirty dishes. she had a bowl with blue milk (captain crunch, i'm assuming (and hoping!)) that had turned to cheese. when she called me, i asked her how long she had planned on leaving that downstairs. god, were we all that disgusting at that age?
You might be a redneck if the centerpiece of your landscaping used to get twenty-five miles per gallon.
Pattern of the Weekend: Braid-edged Cap. This is short-rowed, and then seamed. it's taught me alot (yes, this is the cap i stayed up for), and has opened up a lot of possibilities for braid(cable) edging. glad this one is in here.
Have a good day!

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