Wednesday, March 16, 2005

All i do with my spare time is knit and crochet. . .

at least, this is according to Liam. he just said that, and is watching me type as we speak, lol. how little he knows.

I'm progressing rapidly through the raglan shaping on mark's sweater. i have high hopes that i'll get it done. i did get nagged again about Mom's afghan, but i did work on it yesterday. just because i started a square, but didn't finish it, didn't mean i was lying. i did work on it.

Therapy was interesting tonight. i think it went well. however, the dennis (cta) front has taken a bizarre and upsetting turn. brenda (sean's foster mom) told me that dennis told her he thought i had my hands too full with liam to deal with sean. i'm confused. one bump in the road, and he's too much for me? since when? we're dealing with the school issue, and quite efficiently, IMNSHO. between me and mark and liam's teacher, we're gonna turn this boat around. i've been in contact with liam's teacher, and know what's going on. and liam has accepted the consequences of his action (he may not get to go with mark to "take your kid to work" day, if he doesn't bring his grades up). how is that too much of a handful? i don't know. i'm going to ask dennis if i can see all the report sheets he's done on sean since the first one he showed me. maybe i can figure this out. it does upset me though, just when i think we're making big strides toward getting sean home. all i need is one more obstacle. i'm tempted to call elaine tomorrow, too.

You might be a redneck if local air quality plummets when you start your truck.

Pattern of the Day: Shop 'Til You Drop Bag. now if only it worked for knitting (i'd have to keep notions and needles in a separate bag, but i may do it anyway! ) this is a cool pattern, and it's adapted for two different sizes. i like patterns like that.

I'm reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban. definitely a darker book. i can't wait for the half blood prince to come out!

Have a good day!

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