Sunday, March 27, 2005


what in the world possesses people to call someone at 230 in the blessed am? me with my migraine from hell when i went to bed last night, was awakened from a feverish, nasty dreaming sleep to a pounding that threatened to turn my dinner into trash, and the phone ringing. now, my darling steph knows she can call me any time she needs to, but that late, especially since she had told me she was spending the night at her friend casey's (the one of the not yet received slippers (and the twit forgot them again, i think she's forgetting on purpose)), i'm thinking emergency. she's in jail. she's been in a car accident. she's in the hospital. the state patrol is calling me. all the things a mother of teenagers dread. nope. it was some hispanic twit who obviously couldn't speak english, because he asked for margarita in spanish. i said "incorrecto" and he said "la pardona" and hung up. and i was left with congo drums going off full tilt in my head, with the occasional cymbal crash for emphasis. i think it took a half an hour for the chaos to subside in my head long enough to go back to sleep. of course, it was so bad, i woke again at 630, and called mark because it hurt too bad to sleep. it startled him, cuz i'm never up that early on the weekend.
The boys were horribly rotten today. i was unable to get up until almost 10, due to above mentioned head conflagration, and then it was to stagger into the kitchen to swallow handfuls of advil and tylenol, with gallons of milk, and pray that most of it stayed down long enough to clear the headache. sean woke me at 730 to ask for a controller, and i told him it's not 8 yet (house rule, no video games before 8 or after 9 pm) he started yelling at me, so i took his games for the day. silly boy knew i wasn't feeling good, i'd told him. then they argued, and horsed around, and messed around, and were such annoying brats (refusing to get dressed, taking forever to eat lunch (they had poptarts for breakfast) etc, etc, fighting (sean had a nosebleed again, sigh)) that when Mom called to find out if we were coming to color eggs or not, i told her no, the boys weren't listening today, so we were going to stay home. i'd been thinking about calling it off, but that just clinched it, that it went on so long, she called wondering where we were. she was very supportive, and said maybe we could do the eggs tomorrow, since they weren't going to behave today.
then mark didn't call after rehearsal. i called at 5, and 515 (left a message then) then 530, and 6. finally at 630 i left a message saying if he didn't contact me by 7, i was assuming he was out on the couch AGAIN, and that i would figure out dinner for the boys. he showed up on msn messenger at 650, and said don't come, it's too late. so i had to cook dinner for the boys, and they still didn't eat until 8. sigh. when i finally felt up to talking to him again, he told me that he hadn't called before because he was trying to figure things out. the boys have been particularly trying last week or 2, and i guess he was just trying to figure it all out. mark has no children of his own, and now he's been given 2 tweens to deal with, and adhd tweens at that. we won't even go into the alphabet soup that is sean's diagnosis. i asked him if he felt he needed space, and he took it that I wanted space. we argued about it online for 2 hours, before we finally came to the conclusion that that wasn't what he wanted. i told him that trying to figure things out is fine with me, but to call me and let me know that you're alive, at least. i thought for sure he'd passed out on the sofa again. so we're going to talk again in the morning.
I got into the raglan shaping on mark's sweater, which is rare. i hardly ever get weekend knitting in, so i'm proud.
on mail order fronts, the calmer i'd ordered on thursday came today! yes, i was in shock! i've been waiting 2 weeks for calmer from another source, and when i found this, and that it was in stock, i cancelled the previous order, and glaumed onto these people. the name is richesse online (sorry, can't find the link) and i'll order from them again for sure. talk about prompt! and when i emailed them to thank them for such prompt service, i got an email with in an hour saying thank you for the lovely note, and enjoy the yarn. i was going to start jenny's hat tonight, with some pattern approval from steph (jenny's going to be in west point tomorrow, but steph said it was ok to wait a bit), but steph couldn't view the hat i'd made last weekend, cuz her friend's internet connection was wonky (that's Huntel for ya!). so i'll start tomorrow, prolly. when steph comes home, we'll look at hats. i've only got one ball, so this had better be good. i was thinking of making shedir from the fall surprise, but i'm not sure. that's the pattern that called for calmer in the first place. and is this stuff soft! woohoo!
i've bought the yarn and button for my first commissioned bag, but haven't started yet. i see lots of knitting in my week off, since sean's home, and will want to play games for part of the time (as long as he still has the priviledge).
same as before, but i'm still thinking, andi think i know what i'm going to do for the hat, it's the booties i'm unsure about. i used to have a pattern that adapted granny squares, maybe i'll do something along those lines.
You might be a redneck if your kids trip over the Christmas lights while hunting for Easter Eggs (could happen with easter so early this year!).
Pattern of the Weekend: Easter Egg Baskets (imagine that!) what i dont understand is the yarn choice. what kind of yarn is courtelle yarn? can anybody tell me?
Have a good easter!

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Prazzie said...

Courtelle is acrylic yarn. I'm knitting with 50% new wool and 50% Courtelle right now and I looked up Courtelle and found your entry. Thought I'd share my findings.