Tuesday, March 29, 2005

technical difficulties

in case you were wondering why sunday's post didn't show up until monday night, it's because blogger ate both posts, and i was so tired, i decided to go to bed. lo and behold, i wasn't the only one having trouble last night. Catherine was also having trouble last night. now, i come to blogger to find that it did not eat my posts, but saved them both. and i accidentally posted both of them. now, in case you think you're losing your mind (and you might well be, in this insane world), i deleted the second, abbreviated post. just too nutty.

I am 1/3 of the way through jenny's hat. it's too gorgeous! the stuff is so soft, and steph even gave it a thumbs up. and she's a picky brat. apparently, they didn't shave jenny's head until last night. it was just very short. so i'd better hurry up and get this hat done. i think i'm not going to wait for steph to take it, but just mail it to her, so she can have it asap. it's been warm, and i'm afraid the poor girl is going to burn her head, if she's not careful (granted, i'm sure her mother is making her wear a hat, but this is my hat, and i'm such a mother anyway). granted, the calmer does have a tendency to split a bit (looks like 2 plies, then replyed again), but it's so soft, and delicious. i may do this again for me! granted, i dont' think i could afford a whole sweater's worth, but i'm keeping the left overs! maybe i can make a calmer collection, and then make some eclectic tank/shell thingie for me!

mark's sweater patiently awaits. the nag has kicked in, and mom's afghan and jenny's hat have taken priority.

i've re-evaluated the number of squares i need for mom's afghan, and decided that 70 will most definitely do. i'm going to put an edging on the thing, so i don't think i need as many squares wide as i originally thought. i've got it laid out on the living room floor (i have an alcove that is relatively out of the way, so i can leave it there) and i will be rearranging soon, and doing the CONTEST. i will take pics of the layout, yarn choices for edging, and the grand prize : 99 Granny Squares to Crochet. a lovely lady at work gave this to me, and i already have a copy, so i thought you guys might enjoy it. please, please do enter. sometimes i feel like you guys blow through on your way to bigger and better blogs.

the funny part, is poor jimi can't decide if he's going to sleep on dad's(mark's) sweater front, or grandma's(mom's) lap afghan. he's been wandering between the two, lol. right now, dad's sweater is winning out

this morning was an unmitigated disaster, from 730 to 848, when i finally dropped liam off at school. sean would not get up, would not get dressed, and just about got violent when i threatened to dress him myself. once we were in the car, he apologized profusely, then gave himself a nosebleed which finally stopped after we dropped liam off. please note, liam's start time for school is 850. needless to say, sean almost made liam late. i think he felt so bad about it that he was a perfect angel for almost the entire day, until bedtime (he had two naps today, which i could not prevent, and was wired). i'm a tad bit worried about the medication. he's napping every day he's home with me. i made him stay in his bunk after he took his shower after we got home from taking liam to school until we went to pick mark up for lunch, approximately 1 1/2 hours, and he fell asleep. when we got home from lunch, he asked if he could take a nap, and slept for another 1/2 hour. i woke him up at that point, and told him, he could clean his room, and play video games at 1 as we had previously negotiated, or go rollerblading, still clean his room, and lose some video time. he chose to clean his room. smart kid. works great to give him choices, and make the one that sounds the best be the one you want him to do, lol.

we planted potatoes this afternoon. i know, i know, some people out there are yelling "are you insane? it's late march in NEBRASKA for god's sake!" well, the weather was too crappy friday to plant, which would be the traditional day, so we put it off til easter monday, when it was in the 70's this afternoon. beautiful day. i ended up barefooting in the garden. sean asked mark if he could take his shoes off, and we told him no, that he was working with a hoe, and i wasn't, and i'm also an adult, and can make those kinds of choices. he accepted that (more angel fodder, lol). dad got tired out pretty good, though, so i'm glad it is a relatively small patch of spuds. mom sat on a lawn chair and watched us, and gave dad general hell.

we had fried foods for supper. mark's oven died on him 2 weeks ago, and he still hasn't gotten around to piping the gas to get the gas stove over to his house. who knows when it's gonna happen, now, cuz parent teacher conferences are tomorrow night, therapy is wednesday, thursday is court (cross your fingers sean gets to come home). friday we're all gonna be worn out (i have to go back to work, sigh) and saturday is rehearsal. sunday mark is going to go look at mom's dishwasher, cuz it died yesterday after all of us had left. she had to do all those dishes by hand. at least they were well rinsed. we had home breaded catfish, banquet chicken tenders, battered mushrooms, crispy crowns, and mozzie sticks. i had found a yummy cranberry honey mustard, that was relatively low in simple sugars, so mom (who is hypoglycemic (or is that hyperglycemic? either way, sugar makes her very sick)) was able to have some. she liked it very much, so i told her where i got it. it was a very good meal.

steph is going fishing with her friend mo tomorrow again. i wonder if they're fishing for fish, or for boys. mark thinks they're fishing for a buzz. i sincerely hope not, that kid should have learned a lesson by now.

Pattern of the Day: Elaine Reversible Baby Afghan. very cute, but no babies in my life right now. another charity pattern.

You might be a redneck if you've ever decorated a birthday cake with a caulk gun (i'm watching for my cake to be decent on friday, do y'all hear!)

Have a good day!

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Marlene said...

I had all kinds of problems with Blogger today myself. It kept saying that the server was not found and other such drivel. Luckily when I first saw the internet churning away ineffectively I quickly copied the post and saved it to a Word Document. Then all day long I kept returning, pasting the text in, and hitting post. It never went through once.....or so it seemed. Tonight FOUR copies of the post were sitting there. Arrrrgh.

After your comment on my blog about your having "only" knit 5 or 6 things this year, I have come here and read some of your blog. With all the difficulties you are going through, it is a wonder that you find time to knit at all. ((HUGS))
aka, Wovenflame