Monday, March 28, 2005


i'll make this quick, since i should be in bed (i don't have to work, but liam still has school tomorrow, so i have to get up)

more shaping on mark's sweater, and i started the calmer hat. steph picked out the same pattern as what i used last week on the white wool-ease, and it's turning out quite nicely. the cable stands out well, and it's soooooooooo soft! i think jenny will like it. however, it's a bit slippery on metal needles, and my left hand is aching from keeping the short rows from slipping off. sigh. more glucosamine, i'm sure.

went to mark's parents for easter (forgot to tell my mom, i'm such a careless bitch, sigh) and enjoyed ourselves. the boys were very good, and played with luke (mark's nephew, who is 3 1/2) very well. sean does well with younger children, as long as they don't "compete." they had fun with the junk i bought from work. the "eggstream popups" were a huge hit with all the kids (and a few of the male adults as well, lol). mark was so happy with their behavior at mom and dad's that he relented, and has decided to let the boys help with planting potatoes tomorrow after all (it's not good friday, but they think maundy monday works (is that the right term? or is it just easter monday, like the easter rebellion in ireland?)). it was gorgeous today, about 62 F, and is supposed to be 75 tomorrow. goodness, i think spring is in full swing now. i love it. i'm going to spend part of tomorrow on the front porch, enjoying nature again (i have a futon and footrest out there, and can sit and knit/crochet for hours!) just too cool.

Have a good day!

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