Friday, March 18, 2005


i didn't get much done today because i took VTO and was out of work by 1 pm. also, the not so small fact that i made a mistake and had to tink about 3 rows didn't help.

Remind me to wait about 5 minutes after school gets out to pick up Sean. it was an insane madhouse! and the crossing guards who are supposed to escort kids across the driving lanes of the parking lot are obviously too immature to handle the job. (they're 11 or 12). this little girl about 8, kept dashing in and out of the building, and i watched her almost get hit 3 times! each time she just ran past the crossing guards, and they didn't say a word or make a move. sigh. this was the first time i picked sean up from school directly after school, and i'll tell you what, it was not a nice experience.

Liam had homework again tonight, but since he doesn't have school tomorrow it's not a huge problem that he forgot his spelling book. now what i would like to know is why he told me his spelling packet was due tomorrow, and he doesn't have school. hmmm. something to think about. he did do all his math, and mark double checked it, and pointed out his errors, and made him fix them. he's dividing fractions, which can really mess a person up. what i don't understand is that i never had a problem, even in 6th grade when i first ran across them. i guess i'm just a unique individual (i do a ton of my math in my head, and have memorized multiplication tables through 12's. i also can count by 24's (i had a job that required it)).

I called Sean's teacher today, and explained that i have trouble trying to contact her, and would it be ok if i had her email, and she was thrilled to death to give me hers, and to take mine down as well. since sean is in the resource room, she apparently has more time than liam's teacher to deal with email, because she said she'd email me daily progress reports on his behavior. apparently, he was very tired at school today (i couldn't get him to brenda's til almost 9, because therapy ran late), but he was yawning at 7:30 last night during therapy. with the third medication change in a month, i'm wondering if the increased dosages on the three big sleep inducers is what is wearing him out. he thinks it's the medication (and this is the child who keeps asking the doctor for bigger doses because he thinks throwing a pill at a problem will help it (thank you stinky and stinky-wife for that bit of reinforcement!)), but mrs. moline will keep me updated as to how he's doing at school. i gave her permission to let him lay down for a brief period of time during the day if he just can't handle it any more (wish i could lay my head down at work, too, lol!)

We had home-corned beef (Dad did it, and he does a great job!) and cabbage and green ice cream and it wasn't MINT (BLECH!!!). it was pistachio almond. quite tasty, indeed! everybody enjoyed it except sean (another of stinky's legacies, the boy wasn't nearly this picky before my brother and his wife got their hands on him, and no, he's been this way since he went there, and i really doubt it's changing tastes, this is too drastic). sean thought the meat was too fatty (it's brisket, for goodness sake!), and hated the cabbage (after taking a ton). all he really ate was what he could glean from the fat, the cheese, and what bread that hadn't touched the cabbage (he made himself a corned beef and cabbage sandwich with swiss on jewish rye). i told him if he threw the rest away, he wasn't getting anything else, and he agreed. at least he didn't argue, that was a definite possibility. sean wasn't allowed ice cream because brenda said no sweets because she caught sean making a huge mess with the sugar yesterday morning when he was getting his cereal together (and i'm backing her 100% on this one, i would have done the same thing!)

I ordered easter stuff from work because i found out yesterday that we aren't getting gift boxes for holidays any more. sigh. more cut backs, even though the company is making more money than ever (the bean counters are winning). i ordered it today, and it shipped today, so i should have it tomorrow or monday. it went ups, so i vote for today. i'll check when i get to work tomorrow, lol!

Herrschnerr's is tolling their death knell. i ordered "Socks, Simple & Fancy" as a part of their saturday flash auction. 2 days later i got an order confirmation. 3 days later i got a letter saying it was on back order. yesterday i got a letter saying they coudln't get it any more, and that my order had been cancelled. GROWL! considering their shipping is exorbitant, compared with other yarn companies, and their sale prices aren't really that great, i may stop checking out the auctions. they've been pretty blah lately.

You might be a redneck if you can't find your lawnmower.

Pattern of the Day: Anne's Aran Vest. i like this pattern, but i dont' wear vests. just not my bag. however, unlike most of the patterns in this calendar, it has multiple sizes. go Anne Kerrigan@ Anne's Gallery!

Have a nice day!

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