Saturday, March 26, 2005

goodness friday

depends on your perspective, i suppose.

got quite a bit done on mark's sweater. just about to the shoulder shaping on the front, and booking right along. i'm not sure about the sleeve shaping, though. did some figures at work, and i'm not sure what to do. in KR they told me to just lengthen the body, and the sleeves, and leave the shaping of the raglan alone. however, i'm running into another ticklish question. with mark's arms being so long, do i spread the increases out farther? or just leave them alone for the medium size sweater? looks like i'm going to KR again, lol.

baby sweater is done, thinking i'm just going to do a simple gathered hat, and simple booties. i dunno.

See the pretty swatch? feel the pretty swatch (keep your sweaty paws off!(speaking of which, note to self, use lotion before swatching, my thumbs were snagging a bit on the pads)). measure the pretty swatch. the measurements don't quite add up, sigh. this is for the super secret project i'm doing, and i need to determine how much silk i'm going to need to order from ms. martheme so i can start spinning. initial estimates were about 14 1/2 ounces, since my sample spin of one ounce yielded 30 yards, and i need 440. however, while the row guage is dot on, the stitch guage is a tad narrow. since super mystery pattern says finished width is 57", that means it would be 8 inches shorter than it's supposed to be. i don't know if that would distort the pattern too much or not. i'm thinking about ripping out the swatch and doing a sample swatch of the actual pattern, and see how it looks. email me at dragonluberAThotmailDOTcom, and i'll tell you what the secret super project is, (unless you're the giftee, then i ain't telling you squat!) maybe you can help, lol!

the boys were little shits tonight. mark's having serious problems with dennis, and asked me if i could have dennis drop sean off here at home, and then come over with the boys and have dinner. we were going to do stuff in the fryer, since mark's oven died. however, once the boys got here, and comfortable (dennis was here 30 minutes discussing sean's behavior and scheduling next week, since sean's here with me), sean decided he was sick, and liam just didn't want to go; he wanted to read his new library book. needless to say, mark and i were both upset with the boys. sean had a miracle cure 45 minutes after i sent him to his room because he was too sick to stay out here, but i made him stay in his room anyway. if he wants to play that game, i'll play to the hilt. we had tv dinners for supper, whoopee. boys weren't happy about that, but i told them, you know you could have had all kinds of yummy stuff at mark's, but you decided you didn't want to go (i'm learning guilt soup from an expert!). i miss mark

i'm trying to have a migraine again, sigh. crappy weather combined with little boys who insist on fighting to the point of nosebleeds (again!) (liam insists that they were wrestling, and he "accidentally" sat on sean's face?!?!?!?!?), and i feel like a steamroller decided my head needed flattening, without anesthesia. sigh. and steph came upstairs wearing enough cologne to knock over a draft horse. she claims it's just the stuff, she didn't use that much. however, i can always smell her coming up the stairs if she's cologned before she leaves. sigh again.

You might be a redneck if your spring wardrobe mostly involves using scissors.

Pattern of the Day: Twist & Sprout Hat. again, very cute. again, nobody i could make it for. charity calls! of course, i could always give it to my coworker for her granddaughter again! (that's what happened to the Braided Edge cap i made over the weekend.)

have a happy bunny day!

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