Saturday, March 12, 2005

oh dear

mark didn't have rehearsal today, but we had a disagreement this morning, and ended up spending the day apart after all. sigh. dennis cancelled today, because sean had asked for a day off (he'd seen dennis 7 of the last 8 days). however, dennis is going to take BOTH boys tomorrow, as one of the things they are supposed to work on is sibling relationships. maybe mark and i can make up then.

The Poncho From Hell is officially finished. i sewed in the zipper, wove in the ends, and then ended up crocheting a tightening ring around the top. this thing is in homespun and light and lofty, and heavy, and i think the ribbing wasn't tight enough. this did help tons, though. Le Bag is felted, and drying as we speak. it's gorgeous! the long handle didnt' shrink lengthwise as much as i thought it would so it's way too long. i think i may try to tie a decorative knot in the middle, but i'm not going to send it with the bag. the short handle turned out lovely, so that's going to be the handle du jour. i need to crochet a loop on the flap, and attach the button, and je suis finis. (let me know if my very crappy french was right or not, i never took it, just bits i gathered from cooking and reading outlander novels). i even got to work on mark's sweater a bit, but not much

I know i don't usually have a lot of spinning entries, but this i had to mention. I finally spun the silk that marthame sent me and it was fun. a bit more difficult to spin than merino (which is what i learned on. my teacher told us that if we could spin merino, we could spin anything, and she's right), but still doable. i changed my ratio (i think higher, but i dont' know, lol) and treadled slower, and it still spun up so beautifully. i navajo plyed it because if i do as i plan, i will need it for the color definitions, and i got 30 yards. if this was from one ounce, i'm gonna need a ton of silk. oh well, it will be worth it. i'm not saying what i'm doing with it, but it's going to be a gift for someone i care about a lot.

You might be a redneck ifyour anniversary dinner included pickled pig's feet.

Pattern of the Weekend: this is the continuation of the Knit Ensemble. this is the muff pattern. apparently this muff has a zippered pocket. goodness. stitchy where are you? this definitely one for your museum!

Have a nice day!

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