Friday, March 11, 2005


Liam is in the shit so deep he needs hip waders. after finding two unknown items in his backpack last night, this morning while he was getting dressed, i decided it was time to clean out his back pack. i discovered not 1, not 2, but 3 progress reports, and none of them were good. he's failing EVERYTHING! the oldest one was from the beginning of FEBRUARY! sigh. i called his teacher this morning, but she wasn't in yet, and the secretary said she wasn't going to be available for me to call on my breaks, so i left my cell number for her to call after 5, since that's when i get off. she never called me. sigh. i'm calling again tomorrow, and this time, i'm leaving my email address as well. this pisses me off. his highest grade is a 65%! why she didn't call before now is a mystery to me. i know she's got 24 other kids, but my god! yes, i'm upset, with him and her. he's lost his video games until his grades come up, and he's lost tv until the weekend is over for sure. he also had to do the dishes tonight by himself, and and clean out jimi's catbox. steph said he hated her for the first 2 hours after he got home. she told him (as did i) that the consequences weren't for the grades (although that is a major consideration), but for lying to us, and telling us that school was going well. and yes, i do ask on a regular basis what he's doing in school. he's semi-vague, but does tell me. what he didnt' tell me was that he wasn't understanding any of it. he blames it on a new school. i told him to cut the crap on that one, he did fine when he got to valley last winter, and in the fall of 2001, when he got to stinky's house, he did fine there. just excuses in my book. we're going to full court press on this one.

Le Bag has made a return. i got the body of the bag done, now i'm i-cording. yech. granted, i got 4 ft done in an hour at work, but still. i'm gonna have to make this handle 8' long so it felts down to the size i want. i forced myself to work on the bag today, by telling myself i'd work on mark's sweater until after morning break, and then onto the bag. it worked. got tons done on the bag, and everybody loves it. i'm gonna finish the i-cord, then weave in ends and sew the bag together, and then bring it home friday night and felt it. this oughta be fun! then i get to line it, and sew on the findings and the button. woohoo!

You might be a redneck if your high school graduation was the headline of the local paper.

Pattern of the Day: Tri-Corner Baby Hat. this is so simple, but so cute! i could see double stranding (the guage is 3 st=1") worsted acrylic and using it for charity.

Have a good day!

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