Friday, March 04, 2005

in other news

I had about 5 inches of mark's sweater done, and measured him tonight. i have to rip it all out again. the size i was making him was 52", and he's only 40" around the chest. skinny twerp. so, i think i'm gonna do the medium around, and make adaptations for his height. i got good measurements tonight. what a beanpole! from collar to wrist is 34". from shoulder to good sweater length (below his hips) is 33". the hard part is going to be adapting the sleeves and the raglan shaping. whee. KR here i come.

i had sean's parent teacher conference this morning. it started at 730, and i was still late for work. thank goodness they had a phone i could use so i could call off for a bit. we all agree he's very smart, but has the attention span of a gnat. we've come up with several rewards, in the hopes that these will curtail his behaviors, which have increasingly gotten worse since liam came home, and help improve his scholastic efforts. everybody agrees the boy knows his stuff, he just has no interest in doing it. he's bored. he's told me that several times. if it weren't for the time constraints, i would seriously think about sylvan. i hear they're good, and since he doesn't need the help, but the challenge, it might take the pressure off his school work. i don't know. i don't want to overload the child. does it sound bad for me to want him to be "normal"? i know he's never going to be johnny q public, but so many people are frustrated with him, and i know that deep down, he just wants to come home. yes, i'm crying. where's my kleenex?

You might be a redneck if the only newspapers you read are sold in the checkout line of the grocery store.

Pattern of the Day: Rufus continued. Stitchy, where are you?

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