Saturday, March 05, 2005


My elann order showed up last night! i have clear boots! this is too cool. they're a bit long, but i think they'll work. they're not too narrow, which is a blessing. i was a bit worried, so ordered a bigger size than i normally would. now i've got cotton to do steph's poncho (although it's not as soft as i hoped, i hope it softens up with washing), the stretch sock yarn to do my zaftig with a few designer assisted alterations (i'm a 34DD, for those who care, and the pattern had to be adjusted just a bit) and the fishnet stockings in Stitch 'n Bitch Nation, plus some crayola sky self patterning yarn. now i've got yarn for 7 pairs of socks, and i haven't started knitting one pair yet. sigh.

(scene change)
(basement of some small church, with steel folding chairs, and several uncomfortable people)
(standing up)
Hi, my name is Minnie, and I'm addicted to stash enhancement. it's been 7 days since my last yarn purchase.

oy vey

I ordered flowers for the boys to send to their great grandfather's funeral. Jack was such a sweet man, and loved everybody. i'm sure he never understood why his grandson did what he did. took a little doing, cuz i had to find a florist that would deliver to wood river (which is outside of grand island, nebraska (about 180 miles away)). i lucked out and found one that not only would deliver to wood river, but was also doing other flowers for the funeral as well. i may be spending too much, but i told her $50, including a ribbon that says "Great Grandpa". i have to call annie, so she can take pictures of the flowers for me (if she's able, maybe i'll ask peter, her new husband instead) so i can show them to the boys. i still have problems with the boys' grandmother notifying me by email that jack was gone. that's shitty in my book, particularly since she knows i don't check that email that often. the funeral is monday, but i don't think i could get the time off, and frankly, i don't want to take the chance that their father will be there. they let people out of prison for those things. and no, the boys don't know yet. mark and i will tell them tomorrow.

Kohl's is having a clearance sale on winter items, and i bought 6 pairs of pants and 2 t-shirts for $54 bucks! considering it's hard to find good quality used clothes for less than that, i figured it was a good deal, because these were for the boys, and they are so hard on clothes, particularly sean. now, the fact that one pair was dress pants for sean (he begged) is a little silly, but they came with a belt, and they were the cheapest pants on the rack @ $4.50. go me, the mega shopper (i never find brand new clothes deals like this. i may hit old navy next, i'm feeling lucky).

Sean met with his CTA again today, and they played 3 games of chess. apparently sean lost all 3, but Dennis said he's very intelligent, and plays very well for a 10 1/2 year old. of course, i had to reiterate to sean, intelligence is no good without the foresight to use it properly. he knows he's smart, stop reminding him. sigh. he's going to an all you can eat breakfast buffet at the American Legion tomorrow with dennis, and when dennis asked him, he said it wasn't a good idea. dennis said "What?" and sean said "It's a PERFECT idea!" yes, he has my sense of sarcasm, the little shit. dennis is concentrating on sean following direction, since that's a huge problem at school. we both told him that if he had difficulty following direction one on one with an adult, how is he going to deal with a teacher who can't sit on him and make him? he seemed to understand that. i told dennis we had to work on the lying thing again after he dropped sean off last night, because sean told mark the blister on his finger came from him rubbing it on something thinking it would make it smooth, and he told me he didn't know how it happened. we talked for about 15 minutes about telling the truth, and following direction, while we ate ice cream. no yelling, no threats, just discussion. i'm not sure sean knew how to take it, but he did listen. i hope it helps.

You Might be a Redneck if every time you attempt to put your boat on your trailer, a crowd gathers to watch.

Pattern of the Weekend: Cashmere Beaded Beauty Scarf. very simple, very elegant. and beaded fringe. this is very pretty. this is a very definite possibility. and they did it in blue. how perfect is that?

What i'm reading
As Love Would Have It by Meg Dominique. I'm addicted to romance novels, and since steph took road to rodanthe with her, i've got nothing else pressing to read. it will be done by morning, i'm sure.

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