Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Sunday, i caught sean eating chocolate chips, so i took them from him, and when i put them in the cupboard, i shut it a bit forcefully (i wouldn't exactly say slam, lol). the cupboard above the stove popped open, a large platter came sliding out, and whacked me in the calf on the left side. the crazy part is i don't know if the platter broke before or after it hit me. i'm not upset over the platter, it was one i got in a box full of stuff at an auction, but my leg hurts! i've got a bruise the size of my palm, and it's tender as hell. and it's still dark purple. good thing it's not summer! i'm keeping an eye on it, for all you nurses out there. it's warm, but not hot, so i think i'm ok.

I got 4 squares done yesterday! however, i've had to recreate my goal again, sigh. i've got 30 squares, and need 80, and i need to have it done by sunday, so i think i'm gonna have to try harder to get more than 4 done a day. i had the 4th one half done by the time i left work yesterday, but i was so tired by the time i got home last night that i finished that one, and just laid on the sofa. i told steph i was so tired i couldn't even get up to go to bed and she laughed, and told me to get off her bed. wish that child would sleep in her room.

You might be a redneck if your living room curtains are beach towels.

Pattern of the Day: Child's slip stitch pullover. this looks cute, particularly in the variegated yarn they used. i may adapt it for liam, the sweater i made him is getting too small, and i've got plenty of that yarn, so i may frog it, and make this for him. sounds cool, but that's another thing to add to the list, lol.

I guess you guys are going to get to see the slippers after all, my dingy daughter forgot to give them to her friends while she was in maryville, so now she's going to wait until casey comes up here in march. what's the point of slippers in march? still working on getting pics, if i can ever pry her away from her phone and the computer long enough to show me how to use her camera. sigh. i need to get mine from mark.

Have a good day!

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