Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Up early again

Didn't get any knitting done last night, just blogged, and surfed and went to bed. I have been working on a granny square afghan i'm making for mark's mom for her birthday. I'm gonna have to hurry though, her birthday is February 2, and that's fast approaching! My goal is to get one square per day done, and i'm sadly lacking in that right now. i've got 5 squares, and i don't even know how many i'm going to make yet! It's going to be a lap blanket, for when she's watching tv, so I know it doesn't have to be that big, but still. I'm almost done with square 6, which i've been working on this morning while waiting for things to load, lol. Jimi, my cat, has decided that my yarn is fun to play with when i pull on the balls. Sigh, darn cat. I will say, since i started typing, he got bored and wandered off.

Amazements upon amazements, Liam actually got up with out the usual tears, recriminations, and various uproars that tweens cause when they don't go to sleep when you tell them to, and you still get them up on time. He's in the shower as we speak, getting ready to go to school. He enjoys Kids Club, which is the before and after-care. That is helpful. I just wish they opened a little earlier. Then i could shoot for the 7:00-3:30 shift. Ah well, such is life.

Mark was not thrilled to hear that I couldn't figure out my mom's phone system, so we are going to go over there Saturday morning and see what we can see. I'm thinking that maybe the appliance box has failed. It is very old (it came from the farm my folks lived on, and that was in 1990! God i feel old thinking 1990 was a long time ago!), and wouldn't surprise me if something went wonky with it.

Steph asked if she could borrow the van, because she discovered that her aunt didn't put text messaging on her phone until 3 weeks after she'd asked her to, and her phone bill is $134! I've told her i'm not paying the bill, she's no longer in school, and needs a job. So she's job hunting today. I just hope she's careful with the transmission. She also talked about going to Blair, because a girl she knew from school died in a car accident over the weekend, and visitation is today. Feel so bad for the parents of both kids that died, as well as the kid that survived. And his parents as well. I cannot imagine losing a child.

I'm thinking about joining KR's blog webring, but i think i need to know more before i do so. I don't know much about what to do to join, etc. Any ideas anyone?

And how is your morning!

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