Saturday, January 29, 2005

did we learn . . . revisited

i think my generation has learned, but my daughter's hasn't yet.

she told me she'd tried to watch Schindler's List, but lost interest half an hour into it. She just couldn't get past the black and white. granted, she's 19, but it makes me wonder. could just be her age (although there's a large number of political and social activists in her age group. think of the young man that started China Care). she's so disinterested in anything that doesn't please her right now, that i'm not sure. she definitely has her own agenda. i just hope it includes compassion for her fellow man.


Tess said...

Hi Minnie. Thanks for the comment. Yes the pattern is the one in Weekend Knitting. I was surprised as to how easy the pattern was.

Michelle said...

I wouldn't worry about your daughter. It's probably her empathy, as opposed to lack of interest, that she's experiencing subconsciencly. It is a very disturbing part of history.