Sunday, January 16, 2005

Alls well that ends well

Well, still no knitting today, lol. but now i have 7 lovely balls of a baby blue, where as i had a sweater last night. i watched iron chef and emeril live late last night after the boys went to bed, and finished frogging the sweater. almost broke my heart to watch all those cables unravel, but as i looked, i realized that this was before i realized i was twisting my stitches. i figured it out about a year ago, when i read an article (i believe it was in interweave Knits) about different styles of knitting, and discovered that i am an eastern knitter, and thus need to knit in the back of my stitches to make my knitting correct. no wonder i kept getting bias in my knitting! and funnily enough, i just realized how i can change my knitting so i could knit in the front of my stitches so i "knit like everyone else". i wrap my yarn backwards. i'm not going to change that though, i feel my way is more efficient, so i'll keep knitting in the back of my loops. however, when i teach my boys (and yes, they do want to learn, if i can ever pry them off the PS2) , i will teach them to wrap the correct way.

on the fiance front, he laid down after rehearsal yesterday (about 4:45 pm) and didn't wake up until 11. he said he knew he was in trouble, so he just waited for me to call when he got up this morning, lol! gave him a big ol' dish of guilt soup (he says i've learned well from his mom, lol), and then let it go at that. well, almost, gotta get a few digs in here and there!

on the household front, i went to walmart and they exchanged my microwave for me. i'd had it less than 2 months, and it went wacky on me. shorted out, and wouldn't heat properly. only thing i have a real complaint about is that they wouldn't give me a credit because i hadn't brought the bonus pack (some glass bowls with lids) with the microwave. i ended up having to go get another one, and we pulled the bonus pack out of it, and put it with the old microwave. i'm sorry, but i work in customer service, and i would have given the customer the bonus pack for free because of the hassle of not having a microwave for 2 weeks, and having to pack the bloody thing up and bring it in. that's wally world for ya. i suppose that's how they get by being so cheap.

Good God It's Cold!!!
on the weather front, i truly wish it was warmer. It was -6 when i went to Mark's at 9 a.m. my van started without any trouble, but my transmission is having a cow. Mark says he will look at it this afternoon. i hope so, i'm sick of having it slip out when i get to the stop sign at the end of the block.

And how has your day been?


Michelle said...

I love the Iron Chef and Emeril!

It's nice to know your boys want to learn how to knit...I tried to teach my son years ago, but he's all thumbs.

purlewe said...

Welcome to the blog world Minnie! I bet you are gonna have fun!