Saturday, January 15, 2005

i am mad

i know i'm insane! i don't have time for this, but i've watched so many people do blogs, and some not post for days and days, that i can be safe in saying i can do this without being too much of a dork.
on the knitting front, i didn't knit today. i frogged. my darling daughter stephanie has decided that she just absolutely will not wear the sweater i made for her 3 years ago, because it's just too big. granted, she's right, but she was wearing baggy three years ago. so now, i'm frogging. but with a purpose! i obtained the rogue pattern so many have done, and she has agreed that she likes it, so a-rogueing i will go. as soon as i'm done frogging. aye, yes, back to the picking and frogging. i hate picking seams. such is life, i suppose. i've frogged the collar, and one sleeve, and i'm picking seams as we speak, so i can frog the rest. blech.

on other fronts, my fiance hasn't called back :(. so we're having dinner at home. i'm not sure how i feel about that, other than i know he had rehearsal today (he's in a band as bass player, named centerfuze. google them and check out the website! or go to, and do the same, lol!). i think he just got too tired and died on the sofa. at least i hope so. will try again in the morning (he's not a night person at all)
so how'd i do?


Kirstie said...

Congratultions!!! I really like this template - should have used it myself!! Welcome to the world of blogging!!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you decided to I can be impatient with you! LOL

Your daughter will love the Rogue and you will love knitting it. It's a great pattern and I'll be making myself another one soon.