Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ok, here we go

this post is gonna be picture heavy.

This is THE hat. this hat was made with 2 skeins of lamb's pride worsted, in regal, and creme. Liam wore this hat to the Central football championship game. He claims to love the hat. he chose the pattern, and he chose the colors. it's lost. needless to say, i'm a wee bit upset. he claims to have checked the lost & found, but i'm seriously tempted to call the school myself.

These are the ships' support socks that i sent off last month. They're a wee bit too big for liam, but that's ok. liam wear's a men's size 10 1/2 wide, so they should fit up to a size 12 if they don't have duck feet.

and for Michelle, the Pineapple Circular Blanket. This is adapted from the Pineapple Circular Shawl that i saw on her blog. I got the pattern from http://www.crochetaustrailia.au/. wheeeee! amazingly enough, i ordered this on a monday, and had it the next monday! this is up to round 35. i'm doing this from stash, hence the darker middle, lol. it's still going to be very pretty, if i can ever finish the freaking thing! it ends up doing 2 rows, then frogging one. i forgot to measure it before i picked it up off the floor, but i think it's about 4 feet across. good thing my mom has a queen sized bed!
i gotta scoot, but i'll give ya another real post later!


AnnaMarie said...

That is a very cool hat. I can't believe it's lost, more likely it's, ahem, borrowed by someone who also thought it was a very cool hat. But... I'd make him knit himself another one, teach him a lesson that would!

Karen said...

Neat hat! That must have took a good amount of time to make. I hope you find it!