Thursday, June 23, 2005

forgive me

I think you understand why i haven't been blogging lately though. My mom isn't home yet, but it's mostly because of bureaucratic crap. She had a valve replacement 19 years ago, and the main care doctor wanted to see the paperwork first before he let her go home. the hospital she'd had the work done at had faxed some paperwork to the hospital she was staying at, but apparently it wasn't the right stuff, and the frustrating part is that i had brought in the proper stuff monday night, and they told me they didn't need it. i knew i should have left it in my car, dammit.

her pacemaker placement went well, and the doctor was pleased with her recovery. i'll say she's recovered! i helped her order supper tonight, and she ordered grilled salmon, baked potato, corn, garden salad, peaches and milk. now, does that sound like a healthy woman, or what?

there are a few other issues that will have to be dealt with, but nothing that can't wait until i get back from vacation. she has a low platelet count, and white blood cell count, so we're going to have to address that, but since they said to follow up with that in 2 weeks or so, and she has an appointment with her regular hematologist on the 15ths, we're going to go with that. the other issue, which worries me, is that her aortic valve has narrowed, and may need to be replaced. the doctor told me that if it were his mother, he's just do the pacemaker, and watch and see. at her age, replacing a valve could be dicey, particularly since she's already had one replaced. sigh. the third thing, is they found a mass in her throat that they couldn't identify when they were doing the echo cardiogram (sonogram, looked like to me, lol). it doens't appear to be threatening, but might be part of why she passed out sunday. something else to watch.

i actually went to work today, and hated every minute of it. i did call the Visiting Nurses Association, to see what we could do about emergency button stuff (help, i've fallen and i can't get up). with her being deaf, it makes it a bit harder to make the system function, but i discussed it with the woman at length, and i think we may try it, just to see if we can make it work. she is getting older, and i worry. especially after this.

however, despite everything, we are GOING ON VACATION! granted it's only 4 days, but oh my, it won't be here! nothing like a change of scenery, particularly north west coastal scenery! the name of the place is DePoe Bay, and the beach house we're staying in is 2 blocks from the beach. oooh my! bad part, the boys went swimming with daycare yesterday (they aren't usually there on tuesdays, and although they say they put sunblock on the boys, the boys say differently) and got fried. liam did nothing but whine last night, and threatened to throw up. i know that's one of the symptoms of a bad burn, so i ran a tepid bath for him and told him to get in. when he got chilled, i got him out, gave him an advil, and put him to bed with a sheet (light enough to cover and keep a small amount of warmth in, but not so heavy to weigh on his burn). sean is burnt too, but not as bad. liam is so fair skinned, and after the incident where my ex-sister in law wouldn't control him when she offered to babysit (i wasn't there, i wouldn't ahve let her do so) and he got 2nd degree burns, i've been very careful about sunscreen on him. poor little guy (little my ass, he's as tall as i am!) so, if the boys go to the beach, they're wearing t-shirts. no ifs ands or buts.

steph is going to be cruising, lol. she said her main objective was to meet hot guys and go to the beach, and come back (her words) looking like a mexican. she used to tan all the time when she was little, but lately has decided that daylight is anathema, unless she's working.

well, the PFH2 has actually progressed quite well. i ended up ripping the whole thing out again, because i'd miscalculated and realized it when i was almost done with the first panel. now, i AM done with the first panel, and am about 1/3 of the way throught he second. i'll have to hustle to get it done before friday morning, but i think it's doable.

Secret Pal
i got a package today! woohoooo! unfortunately no pics. i got my camera back, but she lost my batteries, and i don't ahve any more, sigh. another thing to add to my walmart list for tomorrow. i received several delicious goodies! she sent me anote saying she'd decided to divy this into 3 parts, each witha theme. this time's theme was "relaxation". boy that girl ahs really paid attention! she sent me Knit Lit and Knit One, Kill Two. i ahd asked for Knit Lit, but i couldn't remember if i'd said anything about the murder mysteries that have been making the knitting circuit. i'm looking forward to relaxing on the beach with these! also, a box of Vanilla Warm Sugar Votives from Bath & Body Works (how did she know i have 4 bottles of the body lotion in my closet?!?!?!?!?!?) and the piece d'resistance was a GODIVA DARK CHOCOLATE BAR!!!!. one small problem. it's been in the mid to high 90's here in the lovely cornhusker state. yes, it melted. but it stayed in it's wrapper, so i tossed it in the fridge, and i'm enjoying htis with a large glass of Vitamin D milk (total decadence, i swear) as we speak. mmmmmmmmmmmmm, boy. THank you, secret pal from North Carolina!

wow, i'm really behind on these

you might be a redneck if your wife left you for last year's winner of the hog-calling contest.
. . . your wedding pictures have a propane tank in the background.
. . . you have to go outside to get something from the fridge.
. . . realtors refuse to sell your home.
. . . your tv remote control is your son, Junior.

Pattern of the day
6/17: Simple Knitted Lace Scarf. very pretty. might try it, but in soemthing bolder than the mud brown they used.
6/18-19:Gone Fishin'. a fish motif with waves thrown in. kinda cute
6/20: Italian Tee Shirt. i don't know why it's called italian, unless Crystal Palace is made in Italy. very pretty, but not my style.
6/21: Fiber Hug Shawl. i'm not a fiber snob, but Homespun? in basketweave, none the less. i suppose.
6/22: Teddy Bear Sweater. very cute. might use it for knitted teddies, since i bought the teddy bear book.

What i'm reading
you'll find out later, i'm worn out now.

Have a nice day!


--Deb said...

My vacations are rarely ever longer than 4 days, and that's okay! All that matters is that it's a change of scenery . . . just squeeze in some relaxation while you're there!

Anonymous said...

wow! Hope you have a great vacation! :) It sounds like you're going to need it! On the fair-skinned burn topic... try a little oatmeal in the bath with him. It helps sooth and keeps the burn from blistering. he may not like it, but it works. I think your local drug store would have something called "oatmeal bath". Have a great vacation!
:) Your Sockapal-2-za pal. :)

vi said...

you are going on VACATION?
without ME?????
damn and here I thought I rated
ok I gotta get back to the grind

vi said...

still not back????
I am waiting on you.....
I want to go next time.... I do behave more or less on a plane.....
take me!
hope you had a good time

denise/deBRAT said...

how do i access the references to {Pattern of the Day)? I like the reference to 6/18 orwas it 6/17 with a fish outline?
thanks so much