Friday, June 17, 2005

screaming heebeejeebees

and it's not me having them. sean is having a bad night, and thusly liam suffers, since they share a room. and liam is getting tired enough that he's screaming at sean. sigh.

they went with their Nana (my ex's mother. we actually have a semi-decent relationship. she doesn't mention him, and neither do i, and we get along great. she understands why i left him. he's entirely too like his dad, and she left him too. ah well) to the zoo today. they got there about 11, and left at 530. considering this is the world's 3rd largest zoo, needless to say, they were exhausted when they dropped the boys off. and of course, i forgot to tell annie no caffeine, so sean was jazzed, and still hasn't dropped off. sigh. they did have fun, though.

work was boring once again. and this time they pissed me off big time. with no date night in the offing, i decided to sign up for vto (voluntary time off, vi, i know you've forgotten since the last time i mentioned it, you're an old broad(and a squished one at that, sorry hon), with the thought that since the boys weren't going to be home until 530, if i got off early, i could spend a little time with mark after all. the phones were dead. i signed up for vto at 330, with 16 other people ahead of me. there were 3 briefings between the time i signed up and the time i was supposed to get off, with more than 16 people. i thought i had a shot. hah. i ended up with a ton of 1 minute calls with 2-3 minute gaps between them, so the time dragged like mad. and to top it all off, they finally got to my briefing at 4:53, when i get off at 5. there were 7 people ahead of me. WTF!!!!!
suffice it to say, i was upset. i even welled up with tears wheni watched cheryl walk up for her vto. i so wanted some quiet time with mark. i didn't get to see him at all today. he's been having a bad week at work, because there was a lot of equipment that needed repairs, and even though he didn't receive work orders on them, he got guff for it. so he's been running like mad trying to get the stuff fixed. and since he was so tired, and the IFP people came again, since we're trying to catch up on hours. discharge is supposed to be in 5 weeks, but the resource person is behind on her hours.


steph went to the College World Series opening ceremonies. she even got a video of the fireworks. i may try to figure out a link for it. it turned out cool. she said it was the cheapest fun she'd had in a long time. $4 for a soda and $2.75 for a hotdog, the concert was free, and the fireworks were as well. glad she enjoyed herself, even if i got screwed out of date night for the second week.(gee, no bitterness there).

still working ont he PFH2, but since steph has the camera stuffed full of pics, i'm not going to show it for right now. i thought i'd finally gotten it down, and then i just screwed up the last row. sigh.

You might be a redneck if you bum a dip from your mother (for those not in the know, a "dip" is a wad of chewing tobacco. can we say EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!)

Pattern of the Day: Cool as a Cucumber Child's Sock. these are adorable! i'm trying to figure out how to adapt these to smaller sizes for AC4C. who knows.

Have a nice day.

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