Monday, June 13, 2005

anybody know a reliable babysitter?

i've officially had it with my child. apparently nobody else in this family (i wont' say household, because there are two houses) has anything else to do during the week, so my darling child stephanie can renege on her obligation two weeks in row. date night was cancelled last week due to her inability to tell me that "i dont want to" translates into "i'm not going to." and this was discovered wednesday night, so no chance of changing things around. and tonight, she told me that she wont' be babysitting THIS thursday either because "i have a concert to go to, and i'm not missing it." what i don't think she realizes (and i'm not about to explain it to her at this point, if she doesn't get it by now, she's not going to), is that date night is the ONLY time mark and i have alone. it would be different if we were living together. then we'd at least have the mornings. and she's cancelled it on us twice. in a row. i'm not even all that worried about the "festivities" as much as i just want a little time with him. is that too much to ask?

anyway, it pissed me off so much, and since i KNOW she's paying for these tickets, i told her that she would have to come up with $120 for insurance by July 9th, or i'm cancelling the policy. considering she has to relicense her car in july, that's going to put a damper on things, i'm sure. i'm tired of footing the bill, while she parties. on top of that, i found a beer can in my outside trash. nobody uses my outside trash can except me and mine. gee, i wonder where that came from. and she got her nose pierced last week. the money's going everywhere except where it's supposed to. i won't be hurt by cancelling the policy, because my mom has the car on her insurance ( i pay that, but it's in her name). child will rue the day. indeed.

i'm almost done with the little side to side sweater. somehow i ended up with 2 extra stitches, but when i matched everything up, it came out ok. so i let it slide. it looks fine. i wonder if i always had that extra two stitches.

now i'm contemplating what i am going to take to the dentist's office tomorrow, since that is the day of my mom's oral surgery, and i will NOT be sitting in the room with her for that. i can't hack blood, and they have a trainee hygenist that signs. i'll do all the prelim work, like what signal to make if she's in pain, and i'll come back when they're done with the gory stuff, but i won't be in there for the worst of it. she's having laughing gas (which didnt' make me laugh) so it shouldn't be too bad. i'll just have to make sure they don't give her codeine, or ibuprofen (she's allergic to the former, and can't have the latter due to her anticoagulant medication).

Have a nice Day!


TitaniumRose said...

Oh yeah, cut her off for sure. If she's got money to get her nose pierced she's got money to pay her own insurance.

Sadly, I *am* the babysitter this week. So far I've had about 3 hours of sleep and I am NOT a happy camper. Hopefully our weeks get better and not worse. =)

vi said...

might I suggest the cattle prod methold of reminding the girl child about responsiblity?
well you can't say I didn't try
of the morticia addams school of child rearing........