Monday, May 22, 2006

two important things (one for omaha-ites!)

first there's this. jen sent me this link, and i think it's important to check out. amazing that cancer can be caused by a common VIRUS. go check it out.

and then, for some fun, there's this. Franklin has created a t-shirt for WWKIP day, which is June 10th. go check it out! he's also got a master list of cities. if your city isn't on there, if you email him by wednesday (5/24), he'll add one. go check his blog out, all the details are there.

and since i got nuttin' cuz i posted last night, i'm gonna catch up on calendars. here we go

you might be a redneck if you ask to open a savings account and the teller says, "With what?"
. . . your name is in the Guiness Book of World Records in the "sideburns" section.
. . . you think lite beer means your bottle is almost empty.
. . . you advertise on the inside walls of portable toilets.
. . . your birdhouse used to be a Clorox bottle (that's recycling! once again the line between redneck & hippy has been crossed)
. . . you keep a musical instrument in your bathroom (and we're not talking butt trumpet!)
. . . your alarm clock has only one hand.
. . . you empty your pockets and there's just a pile of change, bullets, and lint.
. . . your rehearsal dinner was at Hooters (that's just tacky!)
. . . you've ever used a spoon as a musical instrument (let's hope you don't keep it in the bathroom!)
. . . your Ph.D. stands for post hole digger.
. . . your uncle is better known as "The Goat Man."
. . . you list the community service you did while in jail as a job reference.
. . . you believe Silence of the Lambs is waht happens when your cousin walks near the barn (ew!)
. . . you have sores on your lip because they keep sticking to the beer can while you're ice fishing (i wanna know why this one is in may, and not december or january?)
. . . you've ever studied for a rectal exam (again, ew!)
. . . your highest-ever test score was for cholesterol.
. . . there are cigarette burns on your wedding dress. (now, that's just sad)
. . . your Arizona State shirt is from the penitentiary, not the university.

and one of my own making: You might be a redneck if the only way you know who Mario Batali is is from his Nascar Cookbook (i kid you not, they announced it saturday!).

Crochet Calendar.

5/6-7: Sushi Pillow. This is cute. I may make it for steph's new apartment (since i know she doesn't have shit.)
5/8: Lacy Shell Poncho. This is pretty, but not my cuppa.
5/9: Avatar. This is a granny type square, by the inestimable drew. this is definitely a square i could use for charitable purposes.
5/10: Celebrity Shawl. This is pretty, but it's got tons of fringe, and i cannot imagine trying to manage making & wearing this, particularly since it's done in homespun. sigh.
5/11: Irenic. another granny square, combining sc & dc, by drew. definitely good charity square.
5/12: Filet Crochet Scarf with Embossed Flowers. this is definitely pretty, and according to the pattern could be worked in wool, or linen, silk, etc. definitely a versatile pattern.
5/13-14: Sunny Day Afghan. hmmm, this looks like it has potential, maybe i'll use to to make snuggles for this month's project. but not in the homespun, ok?
5/15-16: Tahoe. another drew special, and this is definitely a thick, durable square. and it's two day's worth! wow! definitely an intricate square.
5/17-18: Dolly's Cape, Tam, & Muff. i'm not sure about the picture, but i'm not terribly impressed with this pattern.
5/19: Net Poncho. say it with me slowly. Disco is Dead. The 70's are over. nuff said.
5/20-21: Flibbertigibbet. Drew has done it again. This is a cute square, but much too airy for any charity purposes. might use it as a pretty coverlet for the bed, though.
5/22: Double Hook Potholder. tunisian crochet postholders, apparently done on the double hooking techniques. i've never quite figured it out (and other than a few abortive attempts, don't ahve any real desire, either)

Knitting Calendar
(i'm WAY behind on this one, so bear with me)
3/29-30: Silk Tweed Sweater. this looks to be a simple sweater, with lovely yarn. however, it comes in 3 sizes (the smallest of which is 39", amazing!)
3/31: Basket Weave Eyelet. this is a cool stitch. i will have to keep it in mind.
4/1-2: Sweet Caroline Bonnet. this doens't do much for me. the stitch pattern is a little weird (2 sized needles from what i can tell) and the colors they used were not terribly attractive together. sigh.
4/3: Spring Melody Child's Sock. this is designed with beads, but who's to say i couldn't leave the beads off and use it for Dulaan or A4A? even dirt poor little girls who are orphans need pretty things (and this pattern isn't terribly holey, either)
4/4: Opening Night. lovely glovelets made with cashmere/silk yarn & pearl beads. very nice.
4/5: Indulgence Pullover. looks extremely simple. good for charity.
4/6-7: Absolutely, Positively Reversible Scarf. cute enough. it's predominantly moss stitch, which is not my fav (i throw, not pick)
4/8-9: Adult Bonnet with Angora Trim. this is cute, but i wouldn't wear it, lol.
4/10: Party Merino Shawlette. this is doublestranded merino & some ribbon stuff. it's ok. the pattern mostly depends on the texture created by the double-stranding.
4/11: Bit of Lace Magic Stripe Socks. lace socks that still look good in the self-patterning yarns that lion brand puts out
4/12: FLiP, the Fun Little Purse. this is cute, but it uses ribbon yarn.
4/13: LIght as Air Scarf. this runs the opposite of the last pattern. the last was bulky weight ribbon done on small needles for a firm fabric. this is sock weight yarn done on large needles for an airy effect. interesting.
4/14: Spring Shell. this is cute, but it's worsted weight cotton. can you say "heavy?" i knew you could.
4/15-17: Spring Cardigan. this goes with the shell, and even more concerns this.
4/18: Colored Baby Booties. These are done with sock yarn, and quite darling.
4/19: Contemporary Ascot Scarf. the update to this older pattern is the new yarn. ok.
4/20: Dishcloth Duo. I actually have this pattern elsewhere. It was wildly popular, because it was translated from a japanese pattern. i did make the scrubbie, but it came out odd (probably my wacky gauge.)
4/21-23: Hannah's Poncho. very cute. too bad there aren't any charities taking ponchos. i ahve no little girls to put this on, sigh.
4/24: Small Simple Flower. These are done with sock yarn. you make the petals, then assemble them. very cute.
4/25: Opal Kid's Socks. These are done in Opal Brasil, and they are WILD. i love 'em.
4/26-27: Asymmetrical Jacket in 3 Colors. This is nice. i might even make it for myself!
4/28: Waldron Island Hat. This is cute. i think there's bobbles, but not huge hangey ones, from the picture.
4/29-30: Arches & Pillars. Nice lace pattern.
5/1: Simple Elegance. this is made with soy silk. all together now . . . "oooooooooooooooo".
5/2: Cabled Circular Seamless Baby Booties. These are just too darling. they're made with fingering weight, though, so not so much my thing (i like charity baby things that go FAST)
5/3: Book Sweater. This cracks me up. it's not a book cover, per se, but something you slip over the book. whee!
5/4-5: Lake Ontario Socks. These are NICE! however, you could probably make 3 or 4 pair of them, with all the yarn you have to buy for them!
5/6-8: Hemp Spa & Bath Duo. oooooo, i like these. i wonder if linen yarn would work, hemp is so hard to get in the states. i hear christmas presents calling my name.
5/9: Summer Net Chanel Jacket. i like this jacket alot, and the yarn sounds very good for summer, but that ugly noodle yarn trim has GOT to go.
5/10: Pyramids & Triangles Placemat. I like this. and it's done in worsted weight cotton. about the only use i can see for worsted weight cotton, beyond dishcloths.
5/11: Asymmetrical Lace Poncho. this is ok, but the style does nothing for me. and the model seems to think the same thing, from the look on her face.
5/12: The Pismo Hat. done by our lovely marnie. this hat is NICE!
5/13-14: Houndstooth Key Chain Bag. um, yeah. houndstooth should say it all.
5/15: Stuff Diagonal V-Neck Shell. i liek this. i could see me wearing it (after i lose about 30 pounds!)
5/16: Ribbon Wave Scarf. this works by doing extra wraps per stitch in growing and declining intervals.
5/17: Laurel Baby Set. this is made with pima cotton. can anybody tell me what's special about that? other than this stuff looks very nice in the pics. it's an afghan & sweater combo.
5/18-19: Rosa d'Amore. these are beautiful, but must be done in fine gauge yarns, and ones that will hold their shape (no merino for these!)
5/20/21: Glam Poncho. There seems to be a preponderance of ponchos in this month. hmmm.
5/22: Striped Baby to Toddler Pullover. i like this, but it's knit on size 0 needles. umm, yeah.

well, well, i caught up!

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