Wednesday, April 16, 2008

random Wednesday

1. My local post office station put Darth Vader and Emperor stamps on tax returns yesterday. RAWK ON!

2. Sean was in shock yesterday morning when he found out that shi'itake mushrooms are real, and not just a veiled way to say "shit."

3. Sean does not like shi'itake mushrooms (we went to Mt. Fuji for my belated birthday dinner, and had sukiyaki)

4. I am knitting. Buttloads, in fact. Just not posting.

5. Will i ever blog regularly again? Don't know. there's so much out there to take my attention elsewhere, particularly since i post regularly on the daily chum.

6. I taught myself a new spinning method yesterday. Cableing. I was inspired by the article in the latest Spin-Off. I like how it looks. I used Party Dress from the December Spunky Club, and this definitely toned down that bright ass lime green. It's a lot of work, though. The hardest part? Running the plied yarn through the wheel again to get extra twist for the cabling.

7. Head colds suck. majorly.

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Snarled Yarns said...

Here's a good way to fix that running it through a second time. When you make your 2 ply place your wheen on a faster whorl or setting than when you made your singles. That will give you the twist you need and eliminate that step. so this way you will make singles, 2 sets of 2 ply(or one 2 ply to ply back on itself) and then cable.