Monday, May 12, 2008

Lookee what i did!

While I'm a bit late to the party, Claudia is doing this BAT/KAT thing, where you replace car trips with walking or biking. Since my bike is out of commission right now (it needs brake work, sigh), I'm walking. I've never officially signed up for it, but definitely did my thing yesterday.

As many of you know, hubbie and i each own a house. Since there is no garage or shed at my house (and i've had one lawnmower stolen from the back yard already!), we keep the lawnmower over here, and transport it over there every week. Yesterday, I took Liam over, and got him started mowing. I needed to go get lawn bags, so i had planned on driving back over to Walgreens, when I realized it would be just as easy to walk to No Frills (local grocery chain) which was a little closer, and I could hunt for aluminum cans as well, as the Florence Days parade had been the day before. So, I toddled my fanny over to the store, bought lawn bags and mother's day cards (don't ask, i never remember until a day or two before, even though i KNOW i'll need cards whenever i'm near a cheaper source), and walked back. Net results? A nice walk on a nice, sunny day, a BAT/KAT, and 6 aluminum cans!

Now for a pet peeve, where the cans are concerned. People. There are better ways to deal with your cigarette butts than popping them in an almost empty can. And the culprit lives very near my house. I regularly find diet mountain dew cans with butts in them. this time it was one DMD and one pepsi can. i shake them out as best i can. hope the can recycling place doesn't mind, lol.

And, for Tikabelle, my review of the laminaria pattern i've been knitting, from knitty. Admittedly, i'm not even halfway done, but so far this pattern is INCREDIBLY EASY. i think the toughest part so far has been the 3into9 stars (go look at the pattern, lol), and the 2into9 stars. that and when i'm purling back, i have to pay special attention to those, because it's easy to catch 2 loops together (even the 2into3's and the 3into3's have that tendency, lol). and yes, i'm doing it in a variegated yarn. It's my birthday yarn from miss v and carin, who dyed it especiallyfor me, lol. while i think the pattern would have stood out more in a solid, i like how it's coming out in this. it makes me think of that iris painting (but i can't remember who painted it, lol. monet? van gogh? i'd have to look it up, lol)

and a pic!
Laminiaria! I'm tickled pink, that i got the texture to show. i'm all the way through the transition chart, and into the first blossom chart, but it's kinda hard to tell, as once you get so far, lace just looks like a bucket of boiled ass, to quote my favorite cuss-creator . Want a close up?

This shows a closeup of the beginning of the blossom chart. Doncha just love the colors? I think the one thing i would change about this if i did it again, would be the direction i did the 3into3's. i did them the same direction for both halves, but i think next time i would do mirror image. I don't do ssk, i do knit in front or back loop, and i get the same look. since i knit so differently from everyone else, i doubt anyone else could replicate it, lol, so don't do like i do, lol.

and, just because i told her i'd post this pic:

this is tara, who, besides miss v, is our local pusher fiber enabler purveyor. She had been reskeining some of her stuff, and we thought this skein of henrietta matched her bandana, so we made her model it. Wheeeee!

ok, i'm off to knit some more on my laminaria, just cuz i love it so much!


Dee said...

Laminaria is purdy! And I love how Tara is modeling.

Tikabelle said...

It's lovely! Ok, I'm sold on the variegated yarn. :) Now to choose one from the stash...

Thanks for the peeeekture! :D

Michelle said...

Hey there,

Can't wait to see more progress on "Laminaria" - the colours in your yarn are beautiful :)

What's happening with the Pineapple blanket?

-- Michelle